Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5498

  Manqiong nodded and said, “I work as a teacher at Aurous Hill University.”

  Cai Cai Zi gave a thumbs up and praised, “To be teaching at Aurous Hill University, you must have a PhD, that’s amazing!”

  Manqiong stroked her hair and said modestly and humbly, “A PhD is nothing remarkable, there are just too many people with PhDs nowadays.”

  As she spoke, the lift stopped on the ground floor, and Manqiong hurriedly stepped out of the lift, and on her way out, she greeted Nana-chan in a calm manner and said politely, “That, I’ll go first!”


  Looking at Manqiong’s back, Nana-chan felt that there was something strange about her, but she couldn’t tell what was strange, she felt as if she was a bit afraid of herself, her eyes were not right from the moment she saw herself, and when she exited the lift, for some reason, she seemed to be a bit relieved.

  Nanaeko was still thinking to herself, “Am I that scary?”

  As she thought this, the lift had already reached the underground garage.

  After waiting for about five minutes, Charlie wade drove the car into the basement.

  Nana-chan stood by expectantly and waited for Charlie wade to park the car, then immediately came to the front of the car.

  As soon as Charlie wade got out of the car, Ito Nana-chan waved at him impatiently, then bowed slightly and said, “Charlie wade-kun, you have had a long journey!”

  Charlie wade froze and then smiled, “It wasn’t hard, how long have you been waiting here?”

  Ito Nana-chan busily said, “I just arrived.”

  After saying that, she then hurriedly asked again, “Charlie wade-kun suddenly looking for me, what’s so important to tell me?”

  Charlie wade nodded and said seriously, “The matter I want to talk to you about is rather important, so let’s talk about it upstairs.”

  Ito Nanaeko smiled sweetly and made an inviting gesture, “Charlie wade-kun please! “

  The two of them walked into the lift together, and while swiping her card and pressing the floor button, Ito Nana-chan said to Charlie wade, “Charlie wade-kun, the person living above me is surprisingly a beautiful woman, and she is also a teacher at Aurous Hill University.”

  ”Is that so?” Charlie wade asked curiously, “How did you know that?”

  Ito Nanaeko said, “Just now I happened to come down in a lift with her, so I had a small chat.”

  Charlie wade nodded and said casually, “A teacher from Aurous Hill University, to be able to buy in this neighborhood, and also the same type of house as you, this financial resources can be a bit unusual, ah, tens of millions of dollars of house, I am afraid that ordinary teachers can not afford to spend, not to mention you said she is beautiful, I guess she should be very young, young people are more difficult to have any savings, the probability is that she is a rich second generation. “

  I think she has a good temperament, so she should have been brought up with respect and care.”

  Charlie wade hmmed, so he didn’t think any more of it.

  At that moment, the lift just arrived at the floor where Nana-chan’s house was located, and when the door opened, Nana-chan invited Charlie wade into the room.

  At that moment, Nana-chan had already prepared the tea set for the tea ceremony in the living room, and as soon as she entered, she said happily to Charlie wade, “Please sit down, Charlie wade-kun, I’ll make you some tea!”

  Charlie wade nodded and sat across the tea tray from Nana-chan, then he asked, “Nana-chan, do you still practice martial arts from time to time these days?”

  Nana-chan didn’t know why Charlie wade suddenly asked this question, so she said truthfully, “I rarely have the opportunity to practice martial arts these days, ever since Oudosun put me in charge of the family affairs, it is hard for me to find time to practice martial arts like I used to, and now I hardly practice every day except for some time to practice my flexibility.”

  Saying that, she asked Charlie wade, “Why is Charlie wadejun suddenly asking about this?”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and asked her, “Nana-chan, do you want to learn martial arts?”

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