Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5497

Nana-chan knew that her father had always wanted her to develop something with Charlie wade, so she didn’t feel surprised by his flirtation.

  And instead of being very shy, she puffed up and complained, “If Odo-san wants a hotel, I’ll book one for you now, and you can stay at the hotel until we go back to Japan! If that’s not enough, I can buy a hotel for Odo-san to stay in.”

  Ito Yohiko laughed heatedly, “Nana-chan, Odo-san was just joking, you mustn’t mind ……”

  With that, he hurriedly added, “Oops, Odo-san is about to start playing, so you entertain Mr. Wade first, we’ll leave you to your business for now!”

  Seeing that her father was not flirting around any more, Nana-chan said nothing more, and after bidding him goodbye, she hurried out the door and prepared to meet Charlie wade in the basement.

  She pressed the down button in the lift lobby and the lift came down from the top floor, followed quickly by the opening of the doors.

  The moment the lift doors opened, Nana-chan noticed that there was already a very beautiful sensual beauty standing inside. This beauty was tall, with long hair draped over her shoulders, wearing a professional suit and very elegant.

  And the moment the sensual beauty in the lift saw Nana-chan, she showed her eyes widened in surprise, followed by a few moments of panic.

  The executive beauty in the lift was Manqiong, who had just returned to Aurous Hill from Hong Kong Island today.

  As she had already signed a contract with Aurous Hill University, she, as a teaching staff, needed to report to the school well in advance of the official opening of the school, and today was her first day to officially report to the school.

  According to the school’s schedule, she has to report to the school today to complete the formalities and then start attending the pre-school meetings, including management meetings, pep rallies and academic seminars.

  These pre-school preparations are very complicated, but the good thing is that Manqiong still has two weeks to prepare even after the start of the freshman year, because according to the rules, freshmen have to undergo two weeks of military training.

  At this moment, Manqiong was preparing to go to the basement to drive to school, but to her surprise, just as she entered the lift, the lift stopped at the next floor, and to her even greater surprise, the woman standing outside the door was the super beautiful woman she had seen in Sister Xian’s car that day, walking with Charlie wade.

  When she saw Nana-chan in the car that day, Manqiong was amazed by Nana-chan, but today she realised that this woman, who was very close to Charlie wade, was living downstairs from her!

  Seeing that Manqiong was looking at herself with astonishment, Ito Nanaezi said very politely out of courtesy, “Hello, are you a neighbour living on the top floor?”

  Manqiong didn’t expect Ito Nanaezi to take the initiative to talk to her, so she quickly said in a bit of a panic, “Yes …… I live on the top floor.”

  Ito Nanaeko smiled faintly and took the initiative to extend her hand, saying, “Nice to meet you, I’m your neighbour downstairs!”

  Manqiong nodded with a fake easy smile, and when she saw that Nana-chan didn’t press the floor button, she asked her curiously, “Do you go to the basement too?”

  Nodding, Nana-chan said casually, “I’m going to pick up a friend, what about you? Planning to go out?”

  The first thought that came to Manqiong’s mind as soon as she heard Nanaizi say she was picking up a friend was that the person she was picking up was probably Charlie wade, so her heart was suddenly a little nervous and she hurriedly pressed down a floor and spoke, “I was planning to go to work, but I almost forgot I had a little problem with my car, so I’d better go out from the ground floor and take a taxi.”

  Nana-chan didn’t think much of it and smiled politely at her, seeing that she was holding a folder with the words Aurous Hill University printed on it, she asked curiously; “May I ask if you work at Aurous Hill University?”

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