Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5496

  Aurora laughed, “Then I’ll just pack some personal clothes of my own!”

  ”Right.” Charlie wade smiled, “When the time comes, if you lack anything, you can also communicate directly with the person in charge of the site, and they will definitely find a way to meet your requirements.”

  ”Okay Master Wade!”


  With Aurora’s call, Charlie wade once again called Ito Nana-chan.

  At this moment, Nanaeko was embroidering at home, and when she received Charlie wade’s call, she said happily, “Charlie wade-kun, what are you working on now?”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “I’m driving, I have something to tell you in person on my way back to the city, are you home now?”

  Nana-chan said happily, “Yes! Charlie wade-kun can come over anytime.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade said, “I’ll be there in almost twenty minutes.”

  Nana-chan hurriedly put down the embroidery in her hands and said with a smile, “Then Nana-chan will get ready and make the tea first, so that we can drink it together when Charlie wade-kun arrives.”

  Charlie wade said, “Don’t bother, I just want to talk to you face to face about something, so I should leave when I’ve finished.”

  Nana-chan smiled, “Then you can also have a cup of tea and talk over it.”

  After saying that, Nana-chan said, without waiting for Charlie wade to make a statement, “Charlie wade-kun better drive carefully, I will pick you up at the garage in fifteen minutes.”

  Charlie wade said, “I’ll just ring the doorbell in the basement when I arrive, so you don’t have to go to all that trouble to come down.”

  ”How can that be.” Nana-chan said seriously, “Greeting Charlie wade-kun is no trouble for me, my mother has told me since I was a child that the happiest thing a woman can do is to welcome the man she loves home every day ……”

  After saying that, she realized that the situation seemed a bit wrong, and hastily added: “It seems inappropriate to say so, please don’t take offense at Charlie wade Jun, just treat it as my hobby and fulfill it by the way ……”

  When Charlie wade heard this, he said no more, but only instructed, “Come back down in twenty minutes, don’t wait too long to get to the basement early.”

  Nana-chan smiled, “Charlie wade-kun don’t need to worry about me, better focus on driving, I’ll take care of the timing myself.”

  After hanging up the phone, Charlie wade focused on driving, while Nana-chan first set an alarm for fifteen minutes, then sent a voice message to Ito Yohiko who was outside before putting down her phone, “Odo-san, Charlie wade-kun is coming to visit us at home later, please also ask Odo-san and Tanaka-san to stay out for a while longer and come back when Charlie wade-kun leaves ……”

  After Ito Yuuhiko came to Aurous Hill, his psychological burden was a lot lighter than when he was in Japan, so he often went out for sports with Tanaka Koichi, and today it was the two of them who went to play golf together in the outskirts of Aurous Hill, and Ito Yuuhiko’s sister Ito Emi also followed the two of them.

  After sending a message to her father and not waiting for a reply, Nanaiko Ito started to boil water for tea. While the water was boiling, she changed out of the Japanese-style vibrating-sleeve yukata she wore at home and into a normal long dress.

  When everything was ready, the fifteen-minute timer went off.

  She picked up her mobile phone and turned off the timer, then immediately went out and prepared to go downstairs to the basement to wait for Charlie wade.

  It was also at this time that she clicked on the voice message from her father, in which Ito Yohiko deliberately complained, “I thought you wanted me to hurry back to entertain Charlie wade-kun when he came to the door, but I didn’t expect that you wouldn’t let me go back yet, forget it, Tanaka and I just happen to play a few more rounds, but if you don’t even want us to go back tonight, just let me know a bit earlier, so we can also book a room at the If you don’t want us to go back tonight, let me know in advance so we can book a room at the hotel!”

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