Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5495

After making up his mind, Charlie wade first called Aurora.

  It had been a while since he had seen Aurora, and the last time he had seen her, it seemed that she was delivering medicine to him on behalf of her father.

  When he thought that he had promised her that he would take the time to supervise her training, but he was too busy to take care of it, Charlie wade couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed.

  He dialled Aurora’s phone number and it was quickly answered. Aurora was surprised and asked, “Master Wade, why do you have time to call me?”

  Charlie wade smiled, “I’m calling you because I have something good to tell you.”

  ”What good things?” Aurora asked with delight, “Master Wade, are you coming to guide me in my training at home? You’ve been promising me for a long time ……”

  Charlie wade smiled, “It’s similar to this, I recently hired a martial arts master and asked him to run a martial arts training course in Aurous Hill to do systematic training from scratch, a rare opportunity, if you are interested and have the time, you can come and join.”

  ”Really?!” Aurora asked excitedly, “Isn’t Grandmaster Wade …… martial arts the untold secrets of all those martial arts families and martial arts sects? Does Aurora really have the opportunity to follow and learn?”

  ”Of course.” Charlie wade said, “Not only will I have the chance to learn, but I will also be able to learn, so far, the best and most comprehensive martial arts mind techniques that I know of.”

  ”Great!” Aurora said without thinking, “Master Wade, Aurora is willing, ten thousand times willing! I wonder when and where the registration will start?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “It’s not like this is an external admission, how can there be a place for you to register, but don’t worry, as long as you are willing to participate, a place will be reserved for you, when the time is set, I will tell you the exact address, but don’t worry, the location is in Aurous Hill, it won’t be too far from home.”

  ”No problem!” Aurora was so excited that she screamed out on the other end of the phone, before calming down a moment later and speaking, “Right Master Wade, how long will this training take? If it’s long, I’ll hurry up and prepare in advance to take a break from school next semester, it’s already mid-August now, it won’t take long for school to start.”

  Charlie wade thought about it and spoke, “The first stage of training will take about half a year at the very least, during this half year, you may not be able to go home every day like you did when you went to school, most of the time you should be closed for training.”

  Aurora said with a smile, “That’s not a problem, although I’m studying at university in Aurous Hill, I don’t go home every day, I live in the school dormitory most of the time, and generally speaking I only go home on weekends, if my parents are busy with work on weekends, I don’t go home on weekends either.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade said with a smile, “Then you can say hello to your dad, and as long as he has no problem with it, the matter is settled.”

  Aurora blurted out, “How could my dad have an opinion? That’s true, if my father knew that you had arranged it, he might not want me to go home for the rest of my life.”

  Charlie wade didn’t hear Aurora’s off-panel remark, he just said with a smile, “Your father dotes on you so much, and with so little time away from each other these six months, I’m afraid he won’t let you go.”

  ”It won’t happen!” Aurora said with a smile, “My dad is definitely 10,000 times more supportive!”

  ”That’s good.” Charlie wade laughed, “Then we have a deal, I’ll contact you in advance when the time comes.”

  ”Okay Master Wade!” Aurora hastily agreed, and then asked, “Right Master Wade, is there anything I need to prepare myself in advance?”

  Charlie wade said, “Clothes, food, accommodation and transportation will all be arranged, but if you have any personal belongings yourself, you can also pack them up and bring them over in advance, the accommodation here is quite good, it’s a standard hotel room, and I’ve already had people divide up the male and female dormitories, so it will be relatively more convenient.”

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