Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5493

When Isaac Cameron saw that Don Albert was being secretive, he teased, “Come on, Don Albert, I still don’t know you? You must have nothing better to do than to make fun of me! I’m already on my fourth birthday, and you’re on your fifth, so what kind of classmate are we?”

  ”It’s not true, Old Cameron!” Don Albert said aggressively, “We’ve been friends for a long time, do you think I can just take you for a jab?”

  He said, “All right, old Cameron, I won’t tell you the truth, you must know about Master Wade’s recent renovation of the Champs-Elysees Spa.

  Isaac Cameron said, “Yes, doesn’t the young master want to train a group of martial arts masters there? What does this have to do with the two of us?”

  Don Albert smiled heatedly, “I dared to mention it to Grandmaster Wade today, saying that we both wanted to practice martial arts and wanted to plead with him to give us a chance ……”

  When Isaac Cameron heard this, he immediately asked excitedly, “What did he say, young master?!”

  Don Albert laughed, “Look at you, I’ve already said that we should be classmates together, don’t you still not understand what I mean?”

  Isaac Cameron was excited and blurted out, “Young master he has agreed?!”

  ”That’s a must!” Don Albert said happily, “Grandmaster Wade said that this training will be a systematic teaching from the beginning, both of us have never entered the martial arts, so this is a chance to learn from him!”

  ”Great!” Isaac Cameron’s voice was wild with joy, and he said incoherently, “Don Albert …… Oh no, Fifth Brother! My good fifth brother! You’ve really helped my younger brother get what I want this time!”

  Before today, although Isaac Cameron and Don Albert were on good terms, there was still a gap between the two in terms of their actual status hierarchy.

  Isaac Cameron was originally the spokesman for the Wade family in Aurous Hill, while Don Albertwu was just a grassroots gangster back then, so Isaac Cameron was quite a bit higher in the circle than Don Albert from the start.

  Plus, Isaac Cameron that was Charlie wade’s own henchman, while Don Albert was a junior disciple who was taken in by Charlie wade halfway, but from this point of view, Isaac Cameron. But from this point of view, Isaac Cameron was also of a higher status than Don Albert.

  Even though he was much older than Isaac Cameron, he still had to call out to him respectfully when he met him.

  This call from Isaac Cameron really hit Don Albert in the heart, and made him feel more relaxed and happy.

  However, he did not drift away just because of Isaac Cameron’s call, but said with a smile, “Didn’t I say so? We’ve been friends for a long time, why are you still so polite with me? In the next few days, you should hurry up and arrange things over at Shangri-la Palace, once classes start here, you might have to stay here for a long time!”

  ”No problem!” Isaac Cameron said without a second thought, “I’ll make the arrangements as soon as possible!”

  After saying that, he asked with some apprehension, “Fifth Brother, do you think we can still enter the martial arts at this condition and age? I’ve heard that it’s not easy to get started in the martial arts, that Qi sinking into the Dantian is not something that just anyone can do, most people can’t find out where it is even after a lifetime of practice ……”

  ”What are you afraid of ……” Don Albert blurted out, “Do you think Grandmaster Wade will let the two of us here indiscriminately? We are both considered to be Master Wade’s inner circle, right? If we both learn shit here for half a day, then Master Wade’s face won’t look good!”

  Isaac Cameron asked him, “You mean, since the young master has asked us to go, he will definitely help us get started?”

  Don Albert said categorically, “That’s for sure, don’t you know Master Wade’s temper? As long as he wants to help someone, he will definitely help them to the end!”

  Isaac Cameron was relieved and said excitedly, “You’re right, Fifth Brother! When you say that, I feel a lot more secure!”

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