Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5491

Seeing Greg Abbott kneel down on both knees, Charlie wade did not reach out to stop him.

  In his heart, he knew that he deserved this kneeling.

  To teach is to preach!

  Therefore, in the Chinese tradition, a benefactor who taught the Way had always been as gracious as a mountain.

  Although he had given Greg Abbott an elixir before to help him step into the Ming realm of great perfection, that was also a kindness to him, but it was not quite a kindness of teaching.

  Today, he was passing on to him the second chapter of the Tai Chen Mixed Dao, which was a true gift of teaching.

  Greg Abbott, too, knelt down on the ground with immense devotion and bowed to Charlie wade.

  Charlie wade waited for him to finish his salute before extending a hand to help him up and said, “Master Greg should study the Heart Technique first, so I won’t bother you much, I will ask Don Albert to inform you before the students arrive.”

  Greg Abbott clasped his hands and raised them above his head as he respectfully said, “My subordinates send Master Wade off!”

  After saying this, he respectfully escorted Charlie wade to the door of the room.

  At that moment, he suddenly remembered something and hurriedly said, “By the way, Master Wade, I have one more thing to report!”

  Charlie wade gave a hollow sound, “Speak.”

  Greg Abbott said, “Back to Master Wade, Akan called my subordinate this morning, she has asked her father to buy a four-star hotel in Aurous Hill, and will bring all the inner disciples of Tai Chen Dao to Aurous Hill in the next two days.”

  ”Oh ……” Charlie wade nodded gently and laughed, “This disciple of yours is really a tiger, so many people and so far to toss over, if I don’t accept her Tai Zhen Dao, then wouldn’t she be tossing and turning for nothing? “

  Greg Abbott smiled sarcastically, “Akan has been like this since she was young, as long as she is determined on something, the train can’t even pull her back, she is very stubborn ……”

  After saying that, he looked at Charlie wade and asked, “Master Wade, I wonder what you think about the matter of Tai Zhen Dao coming under your tutelage ……?”

  Charlie wade said indifferently, “As long as Tai Chen Dao’s heart is sincere enough, I naturally welcome it.”

  Speaking of this, Charlie wade turned his words and added: “However, sincerity of heart or not, time is still needed to verify, so before I give my nod, you absolutely cannot pass on the back of the Taizhen Mixed Dao to any of the people of Taizhen Dao!”

  Greg Abbott immediately nodded and said, “Master Wade don’t worry, my subordinate can still distinguish this point clearly, I have given all the contents of the first chapter of the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao to Akan, and have already completed my mission of passing on the mastery for the Tai Zhen Dao. I will never pass them on to anyone without your permission! “

  Charlie wade nodded in satisfaction, “It is good that you have this awareness.”

  After saying that, he added, “I will leave first, when Tai Chen Dao arrives, you bring Akan Dew to meet me at Shangri-la Palace.”

  Greg Abbott bowed and said, “Yes Master Wade, my subordinate understands!”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and led Don Albert out of the guest room.

  After walking out of the guest room area, Don Albert respectfully asked, “Master Wade, what are your next arrangements?”

  Charlie wade said, “There’s nothing more to do here, I’ll go back to the city first, and make a few phone calls on the way.”

  Don Albert rubbed his hands and struggled for half a day before stammering and saying, “That …… Master Wade …… Don Albert has something to ask you …… and I hope you don’t mind ……”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Don Albert, you and I have known each other for so long, do you still have to stammer so much with me? If there’s anything, you can just say it.”

  Don Albert scratched his head and said with a serious and expectant look on his face, “Master Wade …… to speak from the heart, I …… also want to cultivate martial arts …… and I have always wanted to, I just never had the right opportunity to enter the Dao ……”

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