Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5490

  Moreover, after the contents of the first chapter were reasonably divided into eight chapters by him, the gradual rhythm of the content was more solid and more convenient for young martial artists to learn.

  It seemed that this Greg Abbott was born to be a good material for a teacher.

  After Charlie wade finished reading his summarised lesson plan, he praised it without mincing words, “This lesson plan, Master Greg, can show that your understanding of the Taizen Mixed Dao is truly extraordinary.”

  When Greg Abbott heard Charlie wade’s praise, although he was very excited in his heart, his mouth was still very modest as he said, “Master Wade has praised me, my understanding of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” is no other than my hands are familiar with it …… After all, I have been studying this set of mind techniques for so many years, even a fool can refine it and understand it. “

  Charlie wade waved his hand: “Greg Tian Shi need not be modest, in my opinion, this training base of ours, with you and this lesson plan in place, can be officially put into use right away!”

  Greg Abbott was busy asking, “Master Wade, when do you plan to officially open it?”

  Charlie wade said, “I will inform the first batch of students selected by the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall to depart today, there is another batch of students right here in Aurous Hill, when they all arrive, you can officially start teaching, at that time your students will all live here with you, and you, Master Greg, will be the teaching director here, in terms of academics, all students must obey your management and arrangements. “

  After saying that, Charlie wade pointed at Don Albert and spoke, “As for Don Albert, he is the head of logistics of this school, if you have any needs, feel free to mention them to him, as long as he can meet them, he will definitely try his best to meet them.”

  Greg Abbott immediately said respectfully, “Okay Master Wade, my subordinate understands!”

  Charlie wade nodded and added, “Master Greg, before the official start of the class, you can feel free to mention any other needs you have.”

  Greg Abbott hesitated for a moment and opened his mouth to ask: “That …… Master Wade …… subordinate would like to know, among the students this time, what is the strongest level of strength?”

  Charlie wade said, “Xion Banks of the Aurous Hill He family, she is a seven-star martial artist and the strongest among the current cadets.”

  Greg Abbott said awkwardly, “Master Wade …… trainees have all reached seven-star martial artist, I, as a teacher, am still a six-star martial artist …… this …… “

  Charlie wade hummed and laughed: “Alright, I know what you mean.”

  After saying that, he stretched out his hand and patted Greg Abbott on his shoulder, withdrawing the aura blocking his other two meridians.

  Greg Abbott felt that his two blocked meridians were completely unblocked in an instant, and his whole body returned to that peak state of the Ming Realm Great Perfection Realm, and was immediately thrilled, and quickly bowed gratefully, “Thank you, Master Wade!”

  Charlie wade nodded slightly, took out a piece of paper from his pocket, handed it to Greg Abbott, and said indifferently, “Master Greg, on this, is the opening chapter of the second chapter of the Tai Zhen Mixed Element Dao, written by my hand, almost one third of the total length of the second chapter, while the students are still in place in these two days, you can study it yourself first, and see if it helps you in your current cultivation. “

  When Greg Abbott heard this, he did not dare to reach for the paper handed over by Charlie wade, but asked with a face full of incredulity, “Wade …… Master Wade …… such a precious martial arts heart method, are you so relieved to give it to your subordinate? “

  Charlie wade smiled and casually said, “I have always been suspicious of people and used them, since I choose to trust you and give you the task of teaching here, then naturally I will not doubt you anymore, moreover, although this heart method has only been passed on to you for the time being, it will definitely be passed on to all other students through you in the future, it is here, it is not a secret, moreover, as long as you reserve humbly complete the task I have given you, I will successively pass on to you all the contents of the later parts of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, and all you have to do is to use your knowledge of the first one to master these later mind techniques and integrate them as soon as possible.”

  Greg Abbott did not expect that Charlie wade would give himself such a precious Martial Dao Heart Method without hesitation, knowing that in the Martial Dao realm, the importance of the Heart Method surpassed everything!

  Every family’s martial dao heart method was never passed on to outsiders.

  And every sect’s Heart Method was likewise the sect’s greatest secret!

  But Charlie wade was able to readily hand over the Heart Method to himself, which was enough to show that Charlie wade’s heart and the pattern of his actions.

  When he thought back to the time when he had been holding back from Charlie wade and even playing with his heart, Greg Abbott could not help but feel ashamed. He took the paper from Charlie wade with both hands and looked at Charlie wade with moist eyes, saying gratefully, “Master Wade, if I accept this Heart Method, you are my benefactor! Please accept my obeisance!”

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