Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5489

Greg Abbott knew very well that from now on, the best option for him was to serve Charlie wade without any reservations.

  Since Charlie wade had asked him to train martial artists with the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao, then he should give his best effort without any reservations.

  Thus, without thinking, he said respectfully, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will definitely pass on to the martial practitioners attending the training the knowledge I have gained over the years about the first chapter of the Taizen Mixed Yuan Dao without any reservations!”

  Charlie wade said with satisfaction, “Alright, tomorrow morning, you go to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel and report to Don Albert, I will ask him to arrange a dormitory for you, from now on that is where you will be working.”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly said, “Okay Mr. Wade, my subordinate will go there first thing tomorrow morning!”

  After saying that, he stammered a bit and said, “That …… Mr. Wade …… you see that my subordinate’s attitude has been quite decent recently, I wonder if I can restore my subordinate’s cultivation a bit? If when the students you need my subordinate to teach arrive, when they see that my subordinate’s cultivation is only a six-star martial artist, my subordinate is afraid that they will not be convinced ……”

  Charlie wade knew that he couldn’t wait to restore his cultivation, so he smiled and said, “You go and report first, and when I go over there, I will help you restore your cultivation.”

  Greg Abbott finally let out a sigh of relief and said gratefully, “Thank you Master Wade! Thank you, Grandmaster Wade!”

  Charlie wade gave a hmph and said indifferently, “Let’s leave it like this for now, remember to report to me first if there is any movement on Akan Dew’s side.”

  ”Okay Master Wade!”


  That night, Akan Dew transferred to Hong Kong Island and rushed back to the United States overnight.

  Greg Abbott also checked out of his hotel room early the next morning and took a taxi to the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel to report to Don Albert.

  Don Albert had arranged a room for him as instructed by Charlie wade, and he was so anxious to make some achievements that he immediately started preparing the lesson plans for his next lecture as soon as he arrived at his room.

  Greg Abbott was also aware of his own strengths in teaching martial arts. He had been studying the first chapter of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” for decades, and apart from his deceased master, no one was more familiar with this heart method than he was, so, like a teacher preparing a lesson, he summarised all his understanding and perceptions of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” for so many years, and divided the content of the first chapter into eight chapters. In this way, he led the students to learn in a gradual and orderly manner.

  Two days later, when Charlie wade arrived at the Champs-Elysées Spa Hotel, Greg Abbott was still in his room perfecting his teaching materials. Charlie wade heard from Don Albert that the old man had been here for two days and had hardly left his room, so he asked Don Albert to lead him and arrived outside Greg Abbott’s room.

  Don Albert knocked on the door, and Greg Abbott, who was ambling along writing, thought it was the service staff bringing breakfast, and got up to open the door before he was surprised to find that Charlie wade was standing outside the door.

  He hurriedly said respectfully, “What brings you here, Master Wade? My subordinate was unable to go out to welcome you from afar, so I hope you will forgive me!”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “You’re welcome, Master Greg, I wonder how you’ve been feeling here for the past two days?”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly replied, “Back to Master Wade, my subordinate has basically not left his room much in the past two days, he has been finishing up his next lesson plan.”

  ”A lesson plan?” Charlie wade asked curiously, “I wonder which aspect of the lesson plan Master Greg is organising?”

  Greg Abbott explained, “It’s about my subordinate’s understanding and perception of the first chapter of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao.”

  Saying that, he invited Charlie wade and Don Albert into the living room of the room, then from in front of the desk, he brought a pile of notes and respectfully handed them to Charlie wade, saying, “Mr. Wade, please look through them.”

  Charlie wade took the lesson plan and first looked at it roughly for a few moments, and then became more and more surprised the more he read it.

  Although Greg Abbott only knew the first chapter of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, his understanding of the contents of this one had indeed reached a very profound level, and he was even able to cite a number of issues and add a number of personally summarised cultivation tricks in conjunction with the actual situation.

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