Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5488

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and asked him, “If I am correct, then Miss Dew should have explained to you that the three on this matter must not be leaked freely, right?”

  Greg Abbott faintly froze, and then said awkwardly, “Master Wade, you really have a discerning eye …… Akan did explain to my subordinates that this matter should not be told to you for the time being …… but, but my subordinates are now your subordinates, so I naturally have to think of your interests. Everything naturally has to be considered for your benefit, so I rushed to call and tell you this news at the first opportunity.”

  Charlie wade was quite satisfied with this attitude of Greg Abbott and said with a smile, “You can ah Greg Tian Shi, this time you are quite up to date.”

  Saying that, he added, “This matter, I will pretend that I have never heard of it.”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly asked him, “Master Wade, I dare to ask, are you willing to take Tai Chen Dao under your command?”

  Charlie wade smiled blandly and said, “There are two kinds of taking under my command, one is that Tai Zhen Dao is indeed loyal to me and listens to my orders, the other is that Tai Zhen Dao treats me as a kaiju and cheats money and resources from me under the guise of defection, which do you think Akan Dew is?”

  Greg Abbott subconsciously said, “That would definitely be the first one!”

  ”Is that so?” Charlie wade sneered, “I can see that just before I left, Akan Dew was still hostile towards me, and she was not even polite to you, so what makes you so sure that she must be able to be heartfelt towards me?”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly said, “Grandmaster Wade, I’m not going to hide it from you, I’ve probably revealed your situation to Akan, plus you opened her meridians for three seconds with a lift of your hand, she is also very impressed with you and can’t wait to serve you.”

  Saying and, Greg Abbott added: Master Wade, “To be fair, another part of the reason why Akan wanted to lead the Tai Zhen Dao to join you in Aurous Hill was because I told her that the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, which has been handed down for thousands of years, was not complete, and that you, to a certain extent, have mastered the subsequent contents, and if you could obtain some of the martial arts techniques at the back, it would also be of great help.”

  Hearing that Chen Akan was after the heart method and pills, Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “Don’t worry, Master Hong, if Tai Chen Dao is really willing to join me, in the future, whether it is the subsequent contents of the Tai Chen Mixed Dao or those pills that can even quickly raise their cultivation, I can provide them one after another.”

  Greg Abbott could not help but ask him a little nervously, “Mr. Wade, what about the subordinates?”

  ”You ah ……” Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “I have another arrangement for you, I just don’t know if you can handle it.”

  Without saying a word, Greg Abbott immediately said with unparalleled certainty, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinate will do his best!”

  Charlie wade said, “I am going to build a training base in Aurous Hill, there will be dozens or hundreds of martial artists studying and training in the base at the same time, the cultivation level of these people, generally speaking, will not exceed eight-star martial artists, what I need you to do is to teach them the first chapter of the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” without reservation, the more they learn and the better they get, the more credit you will get as a teacher! The more they learn, the better they will be, the more credit you will get as a teacher!

  The more they learn, the better they will be, the more credit you will get as a teacher!” As he said this, Charlie wade added, “As long as you can do this duty without reservation, then when the time is ripe in the future, I will definitely pass on the rest of the Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao to you in stages, so that you can also help the members of the training base continue to improve rapidly while improving your own strength!”

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