Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5486

  Akan Dew looked at Greg Abbott with dumbfounded eyes and said offhandedly, “Master! Tai Chen Tao has trained you for so many years, and now you are starting to forget your roots?”

  Greg Abbott looked at Akan Dew and said solemnly, “Dew, it is pointless for you to engage in moral kidnapping with me here, even if I did obtain the contents of the back of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, without Master Wade’s approval to leak these contents out, do you think Mr Wade would let me go? Also, even if you had obtained the contents of the back of the Tao of Tai Zhen and Mixed Elements, what could you do? Do you think Grandmaster Wade can let you guys go?”

  After saying that, Greg Abbott asked again, “You asked me to quietly pass the contents of the back of the Taizen Mixed Dao back to Taizen Dao, wouldn’t that make it a theft?”

  Only then did it dawn on Akan Dew and he said in shame, “Master …… me …… I also want the Tai Zhen Dao to have a chance to flourish …… “

  Greg Abbott nodded understandingly and said seriously, “Dew, you are gifted and intelligent, in the future, under your leadership, the Tai Zhen Dao will definitely have a chance to flourish, in the future, the Tai Zhen Dao is counting on you!”

  Akan Dew fell into silence for a while, and after a long time, she suddenly raised her head and asked Greg Abbott, “Master, can I also stay in Aurous Hill?”

Greg Abbott was surprised and asked, “You’re staying in Aurous Hill as well! What about the Tai Zhen Dao …… I have only trained you as the successor to the sect!”

  Akan Dew hurriedly said, “Master, what I mean is not that I alone will stay in Aurous Hill, but for the entire Tai Zhen Dao, to move to Aurous Hill!”

  She hurriedly added, “Master, you just said that Mr. Wade even went to the extent of giving you a valuable elixir in order for you to be of use to him, so it seems that Mr. Wade must be in a time of need. pass it on to us, then the entire Tai Zhen Dao could come under his tutelage!”

  Greg Abbott was also stunned for a moment and could not help but mutter, “Not to mention …… this is a solution …… Master Wade must be in need of people, if the entire Tai Zhen Dao worships under him, it can definitely bring him some If Tai Zhen Dao can grow up quickly, this help will only be greater, Master Wade should not refuse ……”

  After saying that, Greg Abbott immediately said, “Let’s do this Dew, I will try to meet with Master Wade later, tell him your idea and see what he means.”

  Akan Dew shook his head and said, “Master, you don’t need to talk to Master Wade, I will return to the United States today and gather all my brothers and uncles to pack their luggage and move to Aurous Hill in the shortest possible time!”

  Greg Abbott said, “Dew, that’s two to three hundred people! How can they settle in Aurous Hill with such a big army?”

  Akan Dew said, “These are not the most important things, I can ask my father to help me buy a hotel in Aurous Hill first, so that everyone can set up temporarily, and then slowly find a suitable place from Aurous Hill to be the new mountain gate of Tai Chen Tao.”

  Greg Abbott asked her, “Have you ever thought about what if Grandmaster Wade refuses if you get everyone to come to Aurous Hill with such fanfare?”

  Akan Dew shook her head, “I don’t know, let’s take one step and see ……”

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