Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5483

  Greg Abbott nodded: “Mr. Wade’s strength, I’m afraid, has already exceeded the realm of martial dao, I once heard my master grandfather talk about it, many years ago, the tenth master of Tai Zhen Dao once left a record, he said that in this world, there is a cultivation path that is even more powerful than martial dao, these people cultivate, is no longer the true qi that people of martial dao cultivate, but a more powerful spiritual qi. “

  Although the top martial arts experts can also transfer their true qi into other people’s bodies, heal their wounds, and even raise their cultivation, they are far from Master Wade’s ability to help you break through three meridians in the blink of an eye.

  Akan Dew said dejectedly, “Master …… why didn’t you tell me earlier …… even if you had given me a greeting in advance, I wouldn’t have messed with Mr. Wade so abruptly… …”

  The first thing that I would have done was to tell people that I was going to stay in Aurous Hill and work for someone else. What I want is to call you here and pass the headship to you in front of Grandmaster Wade, which is also a way to show Grandmaster Wade my attitude, and then you will return to the United States to lead the Tai Zhen Dao, and I will be at Grandmaster Wade’s side ……”

  At this point, he looked at Akan Dew and said in a depressed voice, “How could I have imagined that you would choke with Grandmaster Wade ……”

  Akan Dew was also a bit aggrieved, and said with tears in his eyes, “Master …… you let me take over as the head of the sect, but did not pass on the Medicine Cauldron to me, I am also afraid that the ancestors of our Tai Zhen Dao in heaven will complain about me …… “

  The first thing that I did was to take over the leadership of Tai Zhen Dao at the age of eight. …… Early on, I took Tai Zhen Dao as my home and swore in front of my ancestor’s portrait that I would do my best to carry on Tai Zhen Dao in the future. …… I was told by my grandfather some years ago that Tai Zhen Dao had a treasure that could be used to make medicine with half the effort, but you are passing the throne to me today without mentioning the medicine pot, so I can’t just accept it in a daze …… “

  Greg Abbott is also very understanding of this disciple of his, from Akan Dew’s father, is very devout to Tai Zhen Dao, Tai Zhen Dao can take root and develop in the United States and has its own mountain gate, all because of Akan Dew’s father’s generous financial support, to Akan Dew here, is early on to revitalize Tai Zhen Dao as their unshirkable responsibility.

  In the United States, almost all other rich kids spend their best years in prestigious schools, and even if they don’t have the skills, their parents will do everything they can to send them to the best schools.

  However, Akan Dew was a special case. She entered the Tai Zhen Dao at the age of eight and spent most of her time in cultivation, while others took the summer and winter off to learn some extracurricular skills, Akan Dew left her master’s school during the summer and returned to her secular home to reunite with her parents, while also taking the time to learn. In Greg Abbott’s opinion, her mental age was only eighteen.

  However, while Greg Abbott understood Akan Dew, he also had a few more words in his heart for his mentor.

  He could not help but mutter, “Master, his old man, really says one thing but does another. When he first passed the Pill Cauldron to me, he had righteously instructed me not to tell anyone about the efficacy of the Pill Cauldron, so as to avoid causing misfortune for himself and Tai Chen Dao. …”

  Akan Dew cried, “Then aren’t you also saying one thing and doing another? If it wasn’t for the fact that Master had kept an eye out and told me in advance, I wouldn’t have known that Tai Zhen Dao still had such a treasure …… In that case, I’m afraid you would have been fooled!”

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