Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5482

Akan Dew had not recovered from the reality of instantly breaking through to the Great Perfection of the Ming Realm, and his mind was still buzzing, so he was even more confused as to what exactly Charlie wade meant by his later words. You can’t even understand what Charlie wade meant by his words.

  Before she could react, Greg Abbott at the side suddenly looked at Akan Dew and exclaimed, “Dew …… you …… how did you turn back into a five-star martial artist again?!”

  A startled cry was like a pot of cold water that completely woke up Akan Dew.

  Only then did she realize that her own cultivation level, which had changed again in a very short period of time, had regressed back to a five-star martial artist …… from the Ming realm’s Great Perfection just now.

  Her heart was appalled, she simply couldn’t figure out how Charlie wade had managed to do that, how he could play with her cultivation in the blink of an eye!

  It was also at this moment that she realised that Charlie wade’s strength was so strong that it had exceeded her imagination!

  And immediately after that, her heart instantly became extremely lost again.

  The loss was because she had really just become a top expert of the Ming realm at the Great Perfection!

  That was her lifelong dream! It had come true so easily in such an inadvertent moment!

  Unfortunately, this dream was like a shooting star, although bright and dazzling, but it was fleeting ……

  At this moment, Akan Dew seemed to have awakened from her dream, and her whole heart was already extremely lost.

  When she looked at Charlie wade again, the pride and superiority she had previously felt was gone from her eyes; what was there was only a lonesome and shameful look that was hard to describe and wanted to be said.

  Charlie wade then let go of Akan Dew’s soft jade hand, looked at Greg Abbott and spoke, “Master Greg, you two discuss how to pass on the throne, I will not disturb you first.”

  After saying this, he took a step and walked out.

  Greg Abbott hurriedly followed, and respectfully said, “Master Wade, take your time, my subordinate will definitely settle all the matters regarding the succession of the headship today!”

  After saying this, he took the first step to help Charlie wade open the door to his room.

  Hearing the sound of the door opening, Akan Dew subconsciously turned to look over and saw Charlie wade’s back disappearing outside the door, and his heart became even more lost.

  Greg Abbott sent Charlie wade out the door before he came back at a trot, closed the door and said to Akan Dew with regret, “Dew, you are confused! I have trained in martial arts for most of my life, but I have never seen an expert with Master Wade’s ability. It is already a great chance to meet Master Wade, and to be enlightened by Master Wade is even more of a chance. ……”

  Akan Dew’s expression was somewhat dumbfounded as he asked, “Master …… What is the origin of this Mr. Wade …… Even if a martial artist with strong natural talent It would take at least a few years, if not a dozen years, to cultivate from the fifth star to the Ming realm of great perfection, how on earth was he able to open up three of my meridians in a flash?”

  Greg Abbott sighed and sighed, “Dew, Master Wade’s magical ability has long exceeded your knowledge and mine, why I want to pass on the position of Sect Leader to you is to follow Master Wade’s side and serve him as a dog and horse in the future, and also seek a bit of chance by the way …… “

  The first time I saw a woman, I was a little bit of a nuisance.

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