Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5481

  Then, Charlie wade deliberately looked her up and down flirtatiously and laughed, “For a woman as beautiful as Miss Dew, how can I be so mean as to ask for your money? Since you like that medicine censer, then just go ahead and take it, I can take none of the money, as long as Miss Dew remembers to owe me a favour.”

  Seeing that Charlie wade’s eyes were full of teasing and frivolity, Akan Dew guessed that he was intentionally teasing her, and her expression could not help but become even colder as she said in a stern voice, “Sorry Mr. Wade, I appreciate your kindness, but I, for one, never owe anyone a favour! You’d better make a price!”

  Charlie wade had long guessed that Akan Dew would definitely say that, so he deliberately brushed his mouth off and said, “Aiya Miss Dew, you are a bit too full of words, aren’t you?”

  Akan Dew said with a proud face, “I, Akan Dew, have always said one thing, I don’t say any big words!”

  Charlie wade smiled narrowly and said, “I’ll know if it’s a big lie or not once I try.”

  Akan Dew frowned, “What do you mean?”

  Charlie wade said with a smile, “Miss Dew might as well hold out your hand and let me read your palm.”

  ”Denizen!” Akan Dew scolded in a stern voice, “I didn’t expect you to be so nasty-minded in addition to your oily tongue!”

  Charlie wade smiled, “Miss Dew misunderstood, I didn’t mean to take advantage of you, I just simply wanted to verify whether your statement that you never owe people favours was bragging or not!”

  Akan Dew snorted coldly and gritted her teeth, “I, Akan Dew! At any time! Will never brag!”

  Charlie wade nodded, “Then Miss Dew hold out your hand, and we will see in a minute.”

  With anger, Akan Dew extended her hand in front of Charlie wade and said in a cold voice, “I want to see what kind of medicine you are selling in your gourd!”

  Charlie wade smiled blandly and reached out to gently hold Akan Dew’s soft, white and delicate palm, teasingly saying, “Miss Dew’s skin is really well maintained, her little hand is smooth to the touch.”

  Akan Dew wanted to pull her hand back in anger, but before she knew it, she could not move her palm at all when it was held in Charlie wade’s palm.

  Just as she was horrified, Charlie wade looked at her and smiled wryly, “Come, I’ll send you a chance!”

  With that, he sent his spiritual energy into Akan Dew’s slender, tender white palm, and the powerful spiritual energy instantly surged into Akan Dew’s dantian, instantly opening up all three meridians in her body that had not yet been opened!

  Akan Dew only felt a surging masculine power surging into her body, and before she had time to cry out in pain, she felt the power rushing wildly against her meridians and dantian.

  The next second, she suddenly felt as if her entire spiritual platform had instantly cleared up, and her entire perception had instantly undergone a transformative change!

  She couldn’t help but mutter, “I …… how did all my meridians suddenly open up?!”

  Charlie wade smiled and said, “Miss Dew, congratulations, you are now a Ming Realm Grand Perfection Realm martial artist!”

  ”What?!” Akan Dew and Greg Abbott both cried out in shock!

  Akan Dew had regarded the Ming Realm Grand Perfection as his ultimate goal for his entire life, and had never dreamed that he would now achieve it in an instant.

  On the other hand, Greg Abbott was shocked beyond belief, he knew that Charlie wade was very strong, but he didn’t know that Charlie wade was so strong that he could not only seal his four meridians in the middle of a conversation, but also open all three meridians that Akan Dew had never opened in the blink of an eye!

  The simple Akan Dew, whose mind was only filled with the excitement and joy of suddenly becoming a Ming Realm Great Perfection expert, had absolutely no time to think about what was going on here.

  But at that moment, Charlie wade suddenly used his spiritual qi to reseal those three meridians she had just opened, looked at her and said with a smile, “Aiya, sorry Miss Dew, originally I did want to give you a chance, but I just remembered that you clearly said earlier that you never owe anyone a favour! How can I make things difficult for you?”

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