Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5480

  After saying that, she looked at Charlie wade and spoke, “Mr. Wade, since my master just said that, then I will no longer argue with you about the ownership of this medicinal censer, I just want to ask you one thing, this medicinal censer, how much are you willing to sell it for?”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Miss Dew, I said it just now ah, even if you put all your father’s assets in front of me, I will not agree to it.”

  Akan Dew’s brow furrowed as she thought to herself, “This person surnamed Wade, I’m afraid he doesn’t know how much money my father actually has, in a second-tier domestic city like Aurous Hill, a few billion dollars is already the ceiling I’m afraid, but my father’s assets, at least, are over twenty billion dollars!”

  Thinking of this, Akan Dew immediately spoke up, “Mr. Wade, I don’t want to talk to you in vain, as long as you sell me the Pill Cauldron, I can give you a very generous reward that can ensure that you will be clothed and fed for the rest of your life!”

  Charlie wade smiled and asked, “Miss Dew can try to make a price, I’ll see if it’s really generous.”

  Akan Dew glanced at Charlie wade and said with an arrogant face, “If you give me the medicine pot, I can pay you US$100 million on the spot!”

  In Akan Dew’s opinion, one hundred million dollars was a huge sum of money for anyone, and for the vast majority of people, it was already an astronomical figure that they could not even dream of, and this offer of his own was already considered to be full of sincerity.

  However, after Charlie wade heard this offer, he only smiled blandly and said, “I didn’t expect that Miss Dew would be quite generous.”

  Akan Dew said expressionlessly, “My offer is only valid for this morning, so if Mr wade wants to deal at this price, please bring the pill censer over as soon as possible.” Charlie wade

  Charlie wade waved his hand and laughed, “Miss Dew, anyone who wants this medicine cauldron will have to negotiate from ten billion US dollars, and I need a capital check here first, so if you don’t have ten billion US dollars in cash, don’t open your mouth.”

  ”What do you mean?!” Akan Dew was stunned, and immediately questioned, “Ten billion dollars? Mr. Wade, do you think all money comes from the wind? Do you know how much US$10 billion is?”

  Charlie wade laughed: “I know, I’m not going to hide it from Miss Dew, ten billion dollars is just the starting price, you have to give us ten billion dollars first, then we can talk about this issue, as for how much we can eventually talk about, there is no cap.”

  Akan Dew thought that Charlie wade was deliberately playing a trick on her, and said in exasperation, “Mr. Wade, I am full of sincerity to discuss business with you, but it is really too meaningless for you to be so unreasonable, right?”

  ”Unreasonable?” Charlie wade smiled faintly and said, “Since Miss Dew thinks I am being unreasonable, then we can stop this matter here, and please don’t mention the matter of the medicinal tripod from now on.”

  Akan Dew did not expect Charlie wade to give her a chance, and was instantly infuriated in her heart.

  To Akan Dew, she had rarely been rejected in her life, not to mention that she had grown up in a privileged family, and was not only the pearl of her family, but also the most beloved granddaughter of the last Sect Leader of Tai Zhen Dao.

  But such a jewel in the palm of her hand had repeatedly run into a wall in front of Charlie wade, which was really unacceptable to her heart.

  So, she said to Charlie wade, “Mr. Wade, what exactly will you do before you are willing to give up that medicine pot?”

  Charlie wade saw that although she was two years older than himself, she seemed to have no social experience at all, so he had the intention to teach her a lesson.

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