Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5479

“You ……”

  Akan Dew didn’t expect that Charlie wade would reject the conditions he had given so crisply.

  Akan Dew, who had hardly ever been rejected by anyone, could not help but question with some displeasure, “Mr. Wade, I don’t know how the treasure of our Tai Chen Dao’s sect came into your hands, but I believe that you should not have done it through any open and honest means.”

  Charlie wade sneered, “Miss Dew is a bit too self-centred to jump to a conclusion without knowing what happened, so if I used fair and square means, wouldn’t you just ask your master?”

  At the side, Greg Abbott quickly said, “Dew, don’t be rude to Mr wade! Mr. Wade obtained the medicinal censer, the means was naturally open and fair, that was given to Mr. Wade voluntarily by my master!”

  Akan Dew was furious and asked him back, “Master, the Pill Cauldron belongs to the Tai Zhen Dao, and you are only the one who keeps it on your behalf, so who are you to give it to others? You are only the head of Tai Zhen Dao, your duty is to succeed the past saints of Tai Zhen Dao for a thousand years, this does not mean that all the resources of Tai Zhen Dao are at your disposal!”

  ”This ……”

  Being disliked in the face by his personal senior disciple with some righteous words, Greg Abbott indeed felt disgraced and at the same time felt ashamed.

  He was self-aware in his heart, it was he himself who had played too prodigiously in the first place, deliberately luring Simmons into the bait with the pill cauldron, but he had never imagined that a phone call from Simmons’s granddaughter had called Charlie wade here, not only ruining his plot and trickery, but also making him lose the pill cauldron as well.

  Moreover, he also knew that what Akan Dew said was not wrong, he was only one of the thirty-nine sect heads of Tai Zhen Dao, which was not the same as Tai Zhen Dao becoming his own personal asset, and the treasure of Tai Zhen Dao’s sect, which he was only holding on his behalf, was not qualified to give away without permission.

  However, there is nothing one can do about this matter! After all, he had cheated in the first place and had been caught in the act by Charlie wade. If he did not give the pill censer to Charlie wade, he was afraid that his decades of cultivation would be ruined.

  Originally, I thought that Akan Dew must not know what only the Sect Leader knew, and as long as I didn’t say anything, the matter could be muddled through.

  But unexpectedly, that master of his own did dote on Akan Dew and had told her about this matter long ago.

  This led to the fact that he was now unable to justify himself at all.

  He had no choice but to tell Akan Dew truthfully, “Dew, at first, my master came to Aurous Hill in search of a worldly master in the field of alchemy, hoping to receive some guidance, but in the process of searching, my master was greedy for saving things and had a crooked mind, so that he ended up offending Mr. Wade, my master knew that he was ashamed and could only voluntarily use the pill censer to make amends to Mr. Wade ……”

  The first time I saw a woman, I was just about to ask a question when Greg Abbott said, “I know, you’re right! I really have no right to give away the treasure of the Tai Zhen Dao, so a thousand mistakes are my fault alone, I am a thousand sinners of the Tai Zhen Dao!”

  Akan Dew asked him angrily, “Master, can you solve the problem by saying a thousand-year-old sinner? The key now is how you can make up for the great damage you have caused to the Tai Chen Dao!”

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