Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5477

“A medicinal pot?!”

  Greg Abbott’s entire body was instantly stunned when he heard Akan Dew’s question.

  In his heart, he was puzzled and secretly thought, “How could Akan know about the Pill Cauldron? Didn’t his master say that this secret could only be known by the Sect Leader and must not be told to anyone else? How could he tell Akan about it?”

  Thinking of this, he deliberately played a sloppy game: “Akan, who did you hear talking about the Medicine Cauldron? How come I don’t know?”

  Akan Dew frowned and said in a somewhat exasperated tone, “Shifu! He said that Tai Zhen Dao had a treasure of the sect, a pill censer that was very effective in making medicine! He also said that only the future Sect Leader was qualified to pass on this treasure. Since you have decided to give me the title of Sect Leader, it is only right that the Medicine Cauldron should also be passed on to me, otherwise how can I explain to my Grand Master and my personal disciples?”

  Greg Abbott had never dreamed that before passing on the pill censer to himself, his master had instructed him not to reveal the secret of the pill censer to anyone before passing on the throne, but in the twinkling of an eye, he had told Akan Dew about it.

  In his heart, he wondered, “Master, Master, do you favour Akan too much, or do you distrust me too much?”

  Immediately, embarrassed, he could only stammer, “Akan, I guess you have misremembered this matter, there is no pill censer in the Tai Zhen Dao, I guess the old master is deliberately teasing you.”

  Akan Dew shook her head and said, “Impossible, Master had clearly told me that there was indeed such a pill censer in Tai Zhen Dao, there was absolutely no way his old man would joke about such a matter!”

  Saying that, she couldn’t help but question Greg Abbott, “Master, that pill censer is a token that has been passed down for thousands of years in the Tai Chen Dao, you can’t just come to you and want to keep it for yourself, right?”

  ”I don’t have it ……” Greg Abbott could only say with a helpless face when he saw that he could not be fooled, “Akan, I guarantee you with my head that the medicine censer you are talking about is not in my possession, if it were in my possession, I would definitely not hesitate to give it to you.”

  Akan Dew’s frown tightened: “Master, if that medicinal censer is not in your hands, then in whose hands is it? It was handed over to you by the Master himself, you wouldn’t have lost it, would you?!”

  Greg Abbott said vaguely, “Akan, this Medicine Cauldron is indeed no longer in my possession, and I really can’t get it back, so you’d better pretend that Tai Zhen Dao doesn’t have such a thing.”

  Greg Abbott said these words, his heart was also very apprehensive, he originally thought that Akan Dew did not know the existence of the medicinal tripod, and also planned to muddle through, but unexpectedly, Akan Dew knew all about it, if he did not take out the medicinal tripod to her, then naturally, he would also become a sinner of Tai Zhen Dao.

  However, that thing had now been lost to Charlie wade by himself, and it was definitely impossible to ask Charlie wade for it back at such a time.

  Therefore, he could only sacrifice his reputation, even if the disciples of Tai Chen Dao, in the future, all knew that he had lost the ancestral treasure of Tai Chen Dao, he could only admit it.

  When Akan Dew heard Greg Abbott’s words at this time, she was also furious in her heart. She did not expect that Greg Abbott had first deliberately concealed the matter of the Medicine Cauldron without saying anything, and when she asked him herself, he had even played a scoundrel.

  Akan Dew could not help but question him, “Master, what do you mean by just pretending that there is no such thing in Tai Zhen Dao?”

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