Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5476

  Greg Abbott was even more embarrassed and hurriedly coughed twice and said offhandedly, “Akan, I invited Mr. Wade over because on the one hand, Mr. Wade and I have a deep friendship, and on the other hand, Mr. Wade is local to Aurous Hill ……”

  However, Akan Dew did not believe him at all and said coldly, “Master, from the time I came in, I noticed that you were very respectful to this Mr. Wade, and combined with this matter, I think the reason why you wanted me to come to Aurous Hill and intended to pass the throne to me here was just to show off in front of this Mr. Wade, right?”

  Greg Abbott didn’t expect Akan Dew to hit the nail on the head, and his old face turned red as he said, “Aiya Akan …… I’ll tell you from the bottom of my heart, I’ve given most of my life to Tai Zhen Dao, and in the latter part of my life, I want to do something I want to do, if you still consider me as your master, don’t be here If you still think of me as your master, then don’t ask questions here. After I pass the position of Sect Master to you, I will stay in Aurous Hill to train and you will go back to America and carry on the Tai Zhen Dao.

  Seeing Greg Abbott’s firm attitude, Akan Dew sighed helplessly and nodded, “Fine! Since you have made up your mind, I will not persuade you anymore, but I have something to tell you.”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly said, “Go ahead and say it!”

  Akan Dew said, “I am not yet senior and I may not be able to carry on the Tai Zhen Dao. I can take over the position of Sect Leader for the time being, and when you change your mind, I will return the position to you.”

  Greg Abbott waved his hand and said, “No, no need, just do your job.”

  Akan Dew said firmly, “Master, what you decide is your freedom, I am just stating my attitude.”

  After saying that, she didn’t talk any more nonsense to Greg Abbott, but said with a few emotions, “Alright Master, let’s cut the small talk, don’t you want to pass on the throne? Let’s start now!”

  ”Fine, fine.” Greg Abbott was sort of relieved and hurriedly took out the prepared thread incense and incense burner, and after lighting six of them, he handed three of them to Akan Dew.

  Afterwards, he faced north and said respectfully, “I am Greg Abbott, the 39th generation of Tai Zhen Dao’s ancestors, and I hereby formally pass on the position of Sect Leader to my personal disciple, Akan Dew, who will henceforth be the 40th generation of Tai Zhen Dao’s Sect Leader! “

  After saying this, he raised the three sticks of incense above his head in obeisance, and then looked at Akan Dew and dictated to her a series of requirements for the selection of the Sect Master of Tai Zhen Dao.

  After these rituals, Greg Abbott took out a Sect Leader token from his waist and handed it to Akan Dew, saying, “Akan, this is the Sect Leader token of Tai Zhen Dao, keep it, with this token, you are the Sect Leader of Tai Zhen Dao!”

  Akan Dew nodded and accepted the token with both hands.

  Greg Abbott took out another piece of paper filled with brush writing and said to Akan Dew, “Akan, this is the full version of the Tai Chen Mixed Dao, which has been handed down for a thousand years, the last few paragraphs, which you haven’t touched yet, you must memorise this whole heart method by heart, don’t make a single mistake!”

  ”Okay.” Akan Dew took the piece of paper, opened it and looked at it, then put it into his arms.

  Greg Abbott let out a long breath and said, “Akan, from now on, you are the fortieth head of the Tai Chen Dao, and you will be the one to take charge of all the major and minor affairs of the Tai Chen Dao in the future.

  Akan Dew nodded and then looked at Greg Abbott and asked him, “Master, where is the pill censer that Master passed down to you?”

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