Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5473

Greg Abbott knew that Charlie wade intended to tease himself, but at this time the depths of his heart did not dare to have any disobedience and dissatisfaction, and could only stiffen his head to compensate for the smile: “Thank you Master Wade …… Thank you Master Wade …… “

  To him, regressing to a four-star martial artist is simply a disaster of extinction, now Charlie wade is willing to give himself a chance to recover to a six-star martial artist level first, which is already considered to be very generous, he cannot be too hasty, he can only wait for a good performance in the future and strive for an early recovery of his cultivation.

  Charlie wade had previously used his aura to seal Greg Abbott’s four meridians, which was just an easy task for him, but this kind of seal was definitely a heavenly rift that Greg Abbott could not break through.

  Therefore, Charlie wade only waved his hand slightly at this time, and easily reopened his two sealed meridians.

  Greg Abbott instantly felt the smooth flow of his meridians and finally breathed a sigh of relief, then bowed respectfully and said, “Thank you, Master Wade!”

  At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rang.

  Greg Abbott said, “Master Wade, I think it’s my disciple who has arrived, you wait for a moment.”

  Charlie wade nodded, so Greg Abbott hurried to the door and opened the door to the room.

  At this moment, Akan Dew, who was tall and dressed in a Taoist robe, was standing outside the door of the room, and when she saw Greg Abbott, she said respectfully, “Master!”

  Greg Abbott flashed around and said, “Come, come Akan, come in, I’ll introduce you to a young and talented master.”

  ”Master?” Akan Dew was a little surprised, she had never figured out what her master was doing by calling herself all the way from America.

  Hearing that her master was going to introduce herself to a young and talented master, Akan Dew was even more puzzled in her mind, could this be the reason why her master had called her to come to Aurous Hill?

  In doubt, she followed Greg Abbott into the room, and in the living room of the suite, she saw Charlie wade sitting on the sofa.

  On the other hand, Greg Abbott, who was beside her, said to Charlie wade with a face full of respect, “Master Wade, this is my subordinate’s personal great disciple, Akan Dew!”

  After saying that, he looked at Akan Dew and said, “Akan, this is Grandmaster Charlie wade, Grandmaster Wade is young and powerful, the strongest person I have seen in all these years!”

  Akan Dew was thirty years old, two years older than Charlie wade.

  It was only because of her years of martial arts training that Akan Dew’s face could not yet show the marks of a thirty-year-old woman; she looked more like a trained professional athlete, and her visual age was not too old, yet she gave off a sense of beauty unique to mature women.

  Charlie wade was sizing up Akan Dew, and Akan Dew was sizing up Charlie wade as well.

  She was very puzzled when she heard her master’s introduction. She knew that this master of hers was very high-minded, especially as his fame as Greg Tian Shi had grown over the years, and his eyesight had become higher.

  Usually this kind of person with high eyesight would find it hard to acknowledge someone else’s excellence, but the words that the master introduced Charlie wade, not only acknowledged Charlie wade’s excellence, but even had some flattering meaning, which made Akan Dew somewhat incomprehensible.

  Charlie wade smiled and nodded at Akan Dew as a greeting, and although Akan Dew was surprised in his heart, he still spoke very politely, “Hello, Mr. Wade.”

  At the side, Greg Abbott hurriedly said, “Akan, you have to call Master Wade!”

  Akan Dew was slightly stunned, although she could not see Charlie wade’s cultivation level, she could tell that Charlie wade should be slightly younger than her, and asking her to call a boy younger than her Master was naturally a little reluctant in her heart.

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