Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5472

  Saying that, he hesitated for a moment and said hesitantly to Charlie wade, “Master Wade …… can my subordinate ask you for one thing?”

  Charlie wade nodded: “Go ahead.”

  Greg Abbott said awkwardly, “Back to Master Wade, the inheritance of the Tai Zhen Dao’s master, including the master’s token, the last two sections of the Tai Zhen Mixed Dao, and that medicinal censer …… just now the medicinal censer subordinate has already paid respect to you, so later on you must not mention this matter just ……”

  Charlie wade nodded: “Don’t worry, I definitely won’t mention this matter.”

  Hearing these words, Greg Abbott finally sighed with relief.

  The two of them took the lift to the eighth floor, Greg Abbott swiped his room card to open the door, then he invited Charlie wade to take a seat on the sofa, while he himself picked up the room phone and called Akan Dew in the next room.

  As soon as the call came through, he instructed, “Akan, come to my master’s room.”

  The Akan Dew on the other end of the phone immediately said, “Yes Master, wait for a moment, my disciple will come to you after doing the last week’s exhalation.”

  Greg Abbott knew that his disciple was a martial arts enthusiast and that he would finish practicing even when the sky was falling, so he did not force himself to do so, but said, “Don’t delay too long, I have an honoured guest to introduce to you.”

  Akan Dew’s evenly exhaled voice came over the phone, “Phew ……”

  Only then did she say unhurriedly, “Okay Master, you wait for a moment, my apprentice will come after an incense stick.”

  Hearing the woman’s voice on the phone, Charlie wade asked curiously, “Master Greg, your personal great disciple is a woman?”

  ”Right.” Greg Abbott said, “Back to Master Wade, our Tai Zhen Dao has no clear requirements on the gender of the Sect Leader, each Sect Leader, according to his or her preference, can choose a close first disciple, as long as this close first disciple’s cultivation, does not lag behind the other disciples, then this first disciple is qualified to receive the Sect Leader’s inheritance, in the history of Tai Zhen Dao, there have been several female Sect Leaders. “

  Saying that, he went on to introduce, “This personal disciple of mine is still very talented, and her father has quite an affinity with our Tai Zhen Dao, so I took her in as a personal elder disciple, and she is indeed striving for success, at the age of thirty she has already relied on herself and cultivated to a five-star martial artist.”

  Charlie wade smiled and nodded, teasingly saying, “Heavenly Master Greg, so it seems that this personal grand disciple of yours is even stronger than you!”

  Greg Abbott’s expression immediately became incomparably depressed as he muttered, “Master Wade …… just wanted to talk to you about this, you see, I am at least the head of a sect, and now I will soon be giving up the throne, you can’t let my strength be even worse than my disciple’s, can you… …Please, for the sake of my loyalty, please help me to restore my cultivation ……”

  Charlie wade looked at his pitiful look and couldn’t help but laugh for a while, then asked him, “You and this big disciple of yours should have met already, right? She didn’t see that your cultivation level is lower than hers?”

  Greg Abbott said, “Master Wade, when I picked up my senior disciple yesterday, she did not notice my cultivation …… but later on I will pass on to her the last two sections of the Tai Zhen Dao’s “Tai Zhen Mixed Dao” and demonstrate to her the last two sections of the exhalation method. If you don’t help my subordinate to recover my cultivation, my subordinate is afraid that I will have to reveal myself ah ……”

  Charlie wade smiled and nodded, saying, “In that case, let’s help you recover to the level of a six-star martial artist, so that your personal elder disciple will definitely not be able to see anything, and will probably at most wonder in his heart how he feels that this master seems to be a bit watery.”

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