Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5471

For Greg Abbott, Charlie wade did intend to take it for his own use.

  Although he was not considered strong, the first chapter of the Taizen Mixed Dao that he practiced was indeed the complete first chapter, plus he had been practicing this one for so many years, so it was certain that his understanding of the introduction to the Taizen Mixed Dao must have surpassed his own.

  There are times when the strongest person may not be suitable to be a teacher. Even if one were to ask a highly talented student who graduated with a PhD to teach first grade, chances are that he would not know how to make the first grade students understand what he was telling them.

  But if a teacher who had taught primary school students for decades was allowed to teach, then he must have a wealth of experience and a variety of his own unique insights and methods, and would be able to use the fastest speed to make these primary school students quickly comprehend the points he was going to talk about.

  In Charlie wade’s eyes, Greg Abbott was such a primary school teacher.

  Moreover, he had been specialising in first grade primary school textbooks for decades, and was an absolute senior authority and absolutely well-versed in them.

  With his decades of foundation, if he gave him the second grade textbook as well, he would definitely be able to familiarise himself with it quickly.

  The old boy was a bit insensitive and wanted to run back to the United States after taking advantage of him, so Charlie wade naturally had to grind his temper.

  At this moment, Greg Abbott knew very well that he had no other choice but to serve Charlie wade with all his heart and soul, so he couldn’t wait to give up the position of Sect Leader as soon as possible in front of Charlie wade.

  Since Charlie wade had time tomorrow, he naturally did not want to delay a minute longer, so he hurriedly said, “Master Wade, in that case, let’s get up early tomorrow, what do you think?”

  Charlie wade said, “What’s the point of getting up so early, let’s do it at ten o’clock, I’ll get some more sleep.”

  Greg Abbott could only agree and said, “Fine, fine, ten o’clock then! I’ll be at Shangri-la Palace, waiting for you, Master Wade!”


  The following day.

  Charlie wade waited for Claire to go to the office before he drove out unhurriedly and headed to Shangri-la Palace.

  When he arrived at Shangri-la Palace, Greg Abbott’s phone call also happened to come through, asking respectfully, “Have you arrived, Master Wade?”

  Charlie wade hmmed, “I’ve arrived, which release are you in?”

  ”8802!” said Greg Abbott hurriedly, “Master Wade, my subordinates will go and pick you up!”

  ”No need.” Charlie wade said casually, “I’ll just go up myself.”

  Greg Abbott laughed heatedly, “Master Wade, my subordinate is already in the lift, I’ll be right down!”

  Charlie wade parked his car in the parking space next to the main entrance of the hotel, and had just entered the lobby when Greg Abbott came out quickly to welcome him.

  When he saw Charlie wade, he said respectfully, “Master Wade, you’re here, let’s go up!”

  Charlie wade nodded and asked him, “Where is your personal great disciple?”

  Greg Abbott busily said, “Back to Master Wade, my subordinate’s personal great disciple is up there.”

  ”Good.” Charlie wade smiled faintly, “Then let’s also go up there, it’s good to see your Taizhen Dao’s Sect Passing Ceremony.”

  Greg Abbott nodded repeatedly and said with an apologetic smile, “The rituals of a small sect like ours are not that strong, so I hope that Master Wade will not dislike the shabbiness when he sees it.”

  ”That won’t be the case.” Charlie wade said indifferently, “The simpler the better for this kind of thing naturally, too much ritual will lose its original meaning instead.”

  ”Yes, yes, yes!” Greg Abbott nodded his head and said, “Master Wade is right, there is indeed no need to make such matters too grand.”

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