Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5469

In mid-August in Aurous Hill, the weather was unusually hot.

  In these two recent days, Charlie wade was busy urging Don Albert to renovate the Champs-Elysees Spa Hotel, and as for the Middle East and the matters of the Broken Qing Society, he didn’t even bother with them anymore.

  And in the past two days, Charlie wade did not have the time to take care of Greg Abbott.

  However, Greg Abbott was very active and called his chief disciple from the United States to come all the way over here, intending to have a serious ceremony to pass on the title of Sect Leader in front of Charlie wade, so as to completely clear the line with Tai Chen Tao, and henceforth serve Charlie wade wholeheartedly.

  At this moment, Greg Abbott was waiting anxiously at the exit of Aurous Hill International Airport.

  The flight he was waiting for was already half an hour late.

  Just as Greg Abbott was getting impatient, the big screen at the airport finally updated the flight information that the flight he was waiting for had arrived.

  After waiting for another half an hour, the passengers of this flight came out of the exit one by one.

  When he saw a tall woman with waist-length hair in the crowd, a smile finally appeared on his face again and he waved happily at her, “Dragon, my master is here!”

  The long-haired woman was about 1.78 metres tall, with flowing hair, long straight legs, and a classical and transcendent temperament.

  This person is Greg Abbott’s personal senior disciple, Akan Dew.

  He was 30 years old, his father was Chinese American and his mother was of mixed race. His father was a disciple of Master Greg Abbott when he was travelling in the clouds, and although he had little talent in Daoism and martial arts, he had a real ability to make money, so he donated a lot of money to Tai Zhen Dao.

  When he was young, Akan Dew often followed his father to and from Tai Zhen Dao, and at the age of eight, he showed his talent in Daoism and martial arts.

  At the age of twenty-six, he broke through to a five-star martial artist, even faster than Greg Abbott.

  Although Akan Dew is a quarter American, her appearance is very little like that of an American, but on the contrary, she has an aura of classical Chinese beauty.

  However, with a quarter of American blood, she is a little fairer than the average Chinese girl, and her height is also relatively prominent.

  When she saw Greg Abbott, Akan Dew hurriedly took a few quick steps with her suitcase until she stood in front of Greg Abbott, before saying respectfully, “Master, why have you even come to pick up your apprentice personally?”

  Greg Abbott smiled and said casually, “You’ve never been to Aurous Hill before, you’re not familiar with the place, so I’m afraid you’ll be in the dark when you get off the plane.”

  Akan Dew nodded gently and said, “Thank you, Master!”

  After saying that, she couldn’t help but ask, “Master, is there something important that you have suddenly asked me to come to China?”

  ”Yes, of course there is!” Greg Abbott nodded earnestly, but faked it and said, “But I can’t tell you yet today, I have already booked a room for you at the hotel, take you to the hotel first, and tomorrow I will take you to meet someone.”

  Akan Dew asked curiously, “Master, who are you taking me to see?”

  Greg Abbott said mysteriously, “Who it is, I can’t tell you now, you will naturally know tomorrow.”

  Greg Abbott did not tell Akan Dew that he had asked her to come to China in order to pass on the position of Sect Leader to her.

  A matter as big as the passing of the headship should not, by definition, be made so casual and hasty.

  The normal procedure is for the current Sect Leader and the successor to the Sect Leader to return together to the Tai Chen Tao’s dojo and then hold a solemn ceremony in front of all the disciples of Tai Chen Tao, and also offer sacrifices to the ancestors of Tai Chen Tao.

  However, Greg Abbott was dreaming of hugging Charlie wade’s thigh, so he was reluctant to go back to America to pass on the throne.

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