Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5468

  They had long since received orders from Lord Ying and knew that all of them on this ship would not escape death.

  What was even more cruel was that their final task was to destroy this ship and all the people on it with their own hands.

  And the British Lord’s condition for them to die a generous death was to give their families freedom after their deaths.

  For these men, without the antidote, they would still be dead sooner or later, so instead of that, they could simply die and still give their families a chance.

  In fact, unlike the Primus Guards and the dead soldiers, these men were Zhang Lothbrok’s inner circle. When Zhang Lothbrok brought them here to take up his post, none of their families came with them, nor could they.

  From the moment they came to take up their post, they were charged with the attribute of self-destruction, and once this place needed to be destroyed, they were the executors of that self-destruction.

  And the reason why the British Lord arranged it this way was also in case something went terribly wrong with one of the residences, they would be able to complete the self-destruction in the shortest possible time and completely cut off all risks.

  Their families were the key to making them die generously.

  Zhang Lothbrok looked at the time at this point and spoke, “It’s almost time, prepare to sink the ship.”

  The man at the head of the group nodded and took his men and planted directional explosives in the bow and stern bilges of the ship.

  After this was done, several men returned to Zhang Lothbrok and handed the detonator to him, saying respectfully, “Your Excellency, it can be detonated at any time.”

  Zhang Lothbrok took the detonator and asked him, “All the exits are sealed, right? Make sure that nothing can float to the surface after the ship has sunk, otherwise, once other ships find out, they will realise that a ship has sunk.”

  The man said with an arching hand, “Don’t worry, my lord, all the cabins are closed, all the doors and windows are also closed, and the goods in the cargo hold are all secured with very dense iron nets, once the explosion starts, the sea water will instantly rush in, the ship will soon sink, and nothing will float to the surface, as for the debris produced by the blast, as it is all iron, it will soon sink to the bottom and will not float to the surface. So you can rest assured.”

  Zhang Lothbrok nodded and said, “Now there are only a few of us left to fix, so come with me and go to the captain’s cabin.”

  ”As you wish!”

  They followed Zhang Lothbrok to the captain’s cabin, then Zhang Lothbrok locked the heavy hatch firmly, then took out a bottle of strong wine, poured a few glasses and handed them to the men in front of him, then said, “Gentlemen, we have worked together for many years, it is fate that we die together today, so this glass of wine will be a tribute to us!”

  They nodded heavily and accepted the cup of wine.

  Zhang Lothbrok clinked glasses with them, tilted his head and drank the strong wine in the glass, then picked up the detonator and pressed it without thinking.

  There were two muffled sounds from the cargo hold at the bottom of the ship, and two large holes about one metre in diameter were blown in the bow and stern of the ship.

  A large amount of seawater quickly poured into the hold and the ship immediately started to sink at a very fast speed.

  However, no one on board was in a hurry to escape.

  The reason was that all of them, except for a few of them, were asleep in their cabins, and Zhang Lothbrok had had a special potion added to their meals to put them all to sleep.

  Now, everyone was sealed up in the various compartments.

  The frantic influx of seawater did not revive these people, and one by one they suffocated in their sleep.

  Soon, seawater began to pour into the captain’s cabin, and Zhang Lothbrok, as if dying, sat on the floor with several others until seawater filled the entire cabin.

  Twenty minutes later, the 8,000-ton freighter was completely submerged in seawater.

  Due to the preparations made in advance, the cargo ship did not leave any other traces after entering the sea, except for causing a whirlpool on the sea surface. The whole ship was like a huge cage, sinking headlong to the bottom of the sea ……

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