Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5467

With the order of the British Lord, the Qing Breakers entered a period of hibernation that had never been seen before.

  With the exception of the copper refinery in Turkey, all dead soldiers and Primus guards were forbidden to set foot outside their premises, and all members lurking around the world were temporarily suspended from contacting their superiors.

  From this moment onwards, only three Earls of the Qing Breaking Association were left to carry out the mission of the British Lord: Uncle Jaro was in China, searching for Lin Wan’er’s whereabouts and preparing to leave for Aurous Hill to investigate Charlie wade’s clues; Uncle Zarna Bo was searching for clues to the trade of ak-630 close-in defence guns in arms black markets all over the world; while Uncle Calivet, Grace Lowes, was in the Far East checking for Uncle Jaro and searching for Lin Wan’er.

  The day after Jordan Bojun was shot dead, all the members of the copper refinery in Turkey, left Turkey by boat.

  Special Envoy Ganbi Tyle, who had been psychologically implicated by Charlie wade with his aura, also boarded the evacuated cargo ship with the others.

  They only knew that there had been a change in Cyprus and that the British Prime Minister had asked them to evacuate to South Africa immediately.

  The suddenness of the evacuation made sense, so the men did not suspect anything.

  The journey to South Africa was a long one, across the Mediterranean, through the Suez Canal, across the narrow Red Sea and then south along eastern Africa, a journey of nearly 10,000 kilometres.

  The ship was well stocked with supplies for the Cypriot copper mines before they left, enough to feed and water hundreds of people at sea in the refinery, so they were not too worried about the future, just looking forward to landing in Africa and starting a new life.

  But what they didn’t know was that the British Lord was not prepared to let them set foot on land again.

  The ship, and all those on board, were to be laid up in the depths of the Mediterranean, as the British Lord had requested.

  One day after the departure of the cargo ship.

  When the ship reached the northern mouth of the Suez Canal, two hundred kilometres from Port Said, late at night, the engines suddenly stopped and the ship soon lost power and was floating on the surface of the sea.

  A number of welders were now using welding equipment to seal all the windows and hatches of the ship with thumb-thick steel bars.

  Everything on the deck that can move has been taken into the hatches, and the welders are also welding inside the doors and windows, which means that they cannot get out themselves once the welding is complete.

  The men welded quickly, and after welding the doors and windows shut, they quickly returned to the hold and welded all the hatches shut from the outside.

  They then went to the cargo hold at the bottom and used wire mesh to cover all the cargo and then welded the wire mesh to the bottom of the hold.

  After this was done, they came to a middle-aged man and said respectfully, “Your Excellency, all entrances and exits have been sealed, and the cargo has been secured.”

  The middle-aged man who was called the Vice Governor was Zhang Lothbrok, the general in charge of the line between Turkey and Cyprus, one of the three Vice Governors of the Right Military Governorate.

  At this moment, Zhang Lothbrok nodded with a sad face and muttered, “Gentlemen, today we are sacrificing our lives not only to be loyal to our British Lord, but also to enable our wives and children to live better, so I still hope that you will not be too sad.”

  The man at the head of the group laughed miserably, “My lord, our lives and deaths have long been out of our control, we can live when the Ying Lord tells us to live, and we have to die when the Ying Lord tells us to die ……”

  Saying that, he opened his mouth and asked, “My lord, my only question is, after we die, will Lord Ying really give our wives, children and grandchildren freedom?”

  Zhang Lothbrok nodded, “Don’t worry, even if Lord Ying doesn’t put us in his eyes, he still has to put his credibility first, otherwise how can anyone else be willing to volunteer to die in the future?”

  A few people were slightly relieved to hear this.

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