Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5466

  The four of you can’t do this, not to mention the fact that it is not easy to obtain aura, so it is still reasonable to cure the poison for one or two people. Who can afford to consume such a huge amount of spiritual energy to cure thousands of people?”

  Jaro sighed, “In that case, this matter doesn’t make sense ……”

  At this point, Lord Ying also lacked some confidence and said to himself, “If it is really as Uncle Jaro guessed, our enemy, must be one of our fellow travellers, and his strength is probably not below mine, but there is another explanation that doesn’t make sense, if he is so strong, why did he go to the trouble of using a close defence cannon to deal with Uncle Jordan Bojun? “

  ”This ……” Jaro could not think of the reason either, he muttered, “Perhaps the other side felt that their strength was not enough to win, instead they had more chance of winning with the close defence cannon.”

  The enemy has already killed one of my counts and destroyed one of my dead soldiers’ quarters, but I still know nothing about the enemy, so I have ordered the Five Armies Governor’s Office to stop some external activities, and the only ones who are still out on duty are you three. Don’t be reckless.”

  If even Uncle Jordan Bojun was killed by the close defence gun, then all three of us are definitely no match for the close defence gun. Please be more careful, too, Uncle Zarna Bo and Uncle Calivet ……”

  The spy satellites in outer space are said to be able to photograph even matchboxes on the ground, even if we cultivate to death, we cannot have such powerful senses ……”

  After saying that, he added, “Ying Lord, since the other side is making good use of the close defense cannon, then I think that the odds are that they are not martial artists, much less cultivators who have mastered aura, but most likely trained soldiers!”

  ”Soldiers?” Lord Ying muttered, “If they were really soldiers, then whose soldiers would they be?”

  Grace Lowes said, “Whose soldiers, my subordinate doesn’t have a clue, but my subordinate thinks that we can start with the clue of the close defense cannon.”

  Lord Ying gave a hmph and said, “Continue.”

  Grace Lowes continued, “My subordinate just looked up the information of this weapon, although this weapon has a great killing power, it is actually not considered to be any advanced weaponry anymore, it can only be considered to be the first generation of close defense cannon, and it has been decades old, the current close defense cannon, the various parameters are almost several times more than it, so, through this, it can basically be determined that the other party most likely does not belong to a certain country, more likely it is some group or unofficial organization, just like our Broken Qing Society.”

  Lord Ying said indifferently, “That makes sense, if Uncle Calivet has any other opinions, just say them all.”

  Grace Lowes added, “This kind of decades old weaponry is no longer worth equipping in the eyes of mainstream countries at all, and most likely has been dismantled long ago, but it should still be very valuable to those private armies, as well as certain anti-government armies;”

  ”Although I don’t know who killed Jordan Bojun, I think that the close defense cannon they used was probably bought from the black market, so I think that if we start from the black market and trace all the transactions of the same type of close defense cannon in recent years, we should be able to find out some The trace of the same model should be found.”

  Lord Ying said with approval, “Uncle Calivet’s speculation is very reasonable, if we start from the black market of arms, we might really be able to find clues about the other side.”

  Speaking here, he added, “However, the situation is serious at the moment, and the Five Armies Governorate does not have any experts under them who are proficient in aura, so we cannot let them investigate this matter for the time being.”

  After saying that, he pondered for a moment and said, “Uncle Zarna Bo, there is no need to investigate the New York matter anymore, you should leave immediately and use the black market for arms as an entry point to see if you can find any clues about the trade of close defence guns!”

  The other side is very scheming, so they might have expected us to use the near defense guns as an entry point to track them down ……”

  The British Lord said in a cold voice: “Then you should learn the lesson of Jordan Bojun uncle, everything is cautious, no matter what, this matter must be investigated to find out the truth, otherwise the life of the broken Qing will hang in the balance!”

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