Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5465

The British Lord’s words made the three Counts incomparably appalled.

  Just a moment ago, when they heard Lord Ying say that Jordan Bojun had died, they thought that he had met a stronger expert, but now they realised that Jordan Bojun had died from a close defence cannon.

  Originally, they thought that there were very few people left in the world who could hurt them, and that they could basically run amok, but today they realised that their so-called cultivation skills were nothing in the face of heavy weapons.

  The loyalist uncle who was in New York asked nervously, “Lord British …… what would use a close-in cannon against Jordan Bojun?! Could it be the official Cypriot army?”

  ”No.” The British Lord said in a low voice, “Jordan Bojun’s corpse, as well as the slugs and shells of the close defense cannon, were all within the confines of the dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus, which means that the enemy had installed the close defense cannon inside the quarters beforehand, and then waited for Jordan Bojun to find it, and Jordan Bojun was killed by the close defense cannon just as he arrived at the quarters.”

  ”Huh?!” The loyalty and courage uncle immediately became terrified and blurted out, “If it’s according to what you said, doesn’t that mean that this dead soldiers’ garrison has actually been secretly captured by the enemy?”

  ”Yes.” Lord Ying said coldly, “The other side must have occupied the Dead Soldiers’ quarters first before setting up a death trap here.”

  Uncle Jaro spoke up, “Lord Ying! The Dead Soldiers’ quarters have always been top secret in the Council, and all information about the quarters is only in the hands of the governors of the Five Armies, so I really cannot figure out how the enemy found Cyprus?”

  The British Lord let out a long sigh: “You can’t figure it out, and neither can I. Counting the two losses in New York and Northern Europe, this is the third time, the enemy seems to know our situation like the back of their hand, always one step ahead of us!”

  They know that Jordan Bojun is personally very strong and is very different from the previous dead soldiers and primus inter pares, so this time they have placed a heavy weapon like the close defence cannon in the dead soldiers’ quarters, in order to kill him completely and not give him any chance to resist or escape. This shows that our opponents not only know us very well, but they are also very meticulous and their methods are definitely not human ……”

  The other side took over the dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus without our knowledge, so I would like to know where all the people from the dead soldiers’ quarters in Cyprus have gone? Were all those dead soldiers and primus guards killed by the other side silently?!”

  Lord Ying said, “As far as I know, Cypriot officials took samples for testing at several locations on the site, but only Jordan Bojun’s dna was found, which means that before the dead soldiers’ quarters were blown into rubble, all the people inside had disappeared!”

  ”What?!” Uncle Jaro was horrified, “There are at least two to three thousand people in a dead soldier’s quarters, including dead soldiers and primus inter pares, how did the other side manage to silently kill all these people and then transfer their bodies out?”

  Uncle Zarna Bo spoke up, “Uncle Jaro, could there be another possibility that the other side has already recruited these people?”

  ”Recruited?” Uncle Jaro asked rhetorically, “No matter what the situation is, as long as they want to survive, they must have a constant supply of antidotes from Lord Ying, what good would it do them to be recruited by the enemy? Once the stock of antidotes at the sectarians is depleted, all of them will inevitably die. Are all these thousands of people willing to die to fight against our Qing Breaking Society?”

  Uncle Zarna Bo said, “Then could it be that the enemy has some way of giving them an antidote to the poison?”

  Lord Ying said in a cold voice, “Absolutely not! No one can cure the poison in their bodies!”

  Uncle Jaro said, “That would be too strange! Whether these people are really loyal to the Qing Breaking Association or not, but because of the shackles of the antidote, as well as the bonds of their families, they must fight for the Qing Breaking Association. If the other side really kills into their premises, they will also fight back with all their might, and will never surrender to the other side.

  This also means that there was no bloodshed. …”

  Lord Ying questioned, “Then how do you think things will be?”

  He said, “I think that the other side has bought all the members of the entire station. Perhaps they really have the antidote to the poison in these people’s bodies, and once they have done so, these people will have no worries. If these people tell them to carry on as usual, they will carry on as usual; if these people tell them to withdraw early, they will withdraw early ……”

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