Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5464

  Chad Hawkins looked at his brother’s corpse expressionlessly and turned to the three people sitting in the back row and said, “Dig a hole with me to bury him.”

  The three men immediately nodded and together with Chad Hawkins, they dug a large pit more than a metre deep with their bare hands in the middle of the dense forest by the roadside, using their true qi to protect their bodies, and then a few of them threw Viclof Hawkins’s body into it and re-buried the earth to fill it in.

  When all this was done last night, Chad Hawkins patted the dirt on his hands and said to the three of them, “When you return, no one is allowed to say a word to the public, otherwise, you will end up like Viclof Hawkins did today, do you understand?”

  The three men looked astonished and immediately said respectfully, “I understand, please don’t worry, Governor!”

  Chad Hawkins nodded in satisfaction, “Good! Since they have all heard and understood, then let’s return immediately!”


  At this moment.

  Uncle Jaro was still in Eastcliff looking for clues about Lin Wan’er, and was not ready to depart for Aurous Hill immediately;

  The loyalty and courage uncle was still in New York, paddling while investigating, and delayed in making progress;

  As for Calivet Uncle Lowes, he had just landed in the Far East.

  And at this time, the three of them received a meeting notice from the British Lord at the same time.

  So, the three of them immediately entered the conference software and waited for the Ying Lord to appear.

  Before the British Lord appeared, none of the three of them had seen Jordan Bojun connect in yet, so Uncle Zarna joked, “If Uncle Jordan Bojun doesn’t hurry to connect, I’m afraid he’ll have to be punished when the British Lord comes in!”

  Uncle Jaro said casually, “I think Uncle Jordan Bojun is probably investigating the relevant clues, so if he really has important matters to attend to, he will understand if he is late.”

  Grace Lowes had not spoken, she did not have her mind on Ou Bo Jun’s body.

  A minute later, Lord Ying connected in.

  When the other three saw the prompt, they immediately said respectfully, “My subordinates welcome Ying Lord!”

  The Ying Lord’s low voice came out, “Gentlemen, the urgent connection, gentlemen is to synchronise a message to you.”

  The three men respectfully said, “My subordinates listen with respect!”

  The British Lord said in a cold voice, “Just less than an hour ago, I received the exact news that Jordan Bojun, has died in Cyprus.”

  ”What?!” The three of them were instantly appalled!

  No one had expected that Jordan Bojun Bo would suddenly die.

  Chang Sheng Bo asked offhandedly, “Ying Lord …… subordinates do not understand, Jordan Bojun Bo is superbly strong, even if I want to kill Jordan Bojun, I am afraid I will have to pay a huge price, what on earth can kill Jordan Bojun Bo?!”

  Lord Ying sighed softly and said, “According to the clues I know so far, Uncle Jordan Bojun should not have died by someone’s hand.”

  Uncle Jaro asked, “Lord Ying, what do you mean by that? My subordinate does not understand …… “

  The British Lord said, “Jiangongbo should have died from the Soviet-made ak-630 close defense gun.”

  ”What?!” The three men were even more shocked!

  Jordan Bojun, who had already mastered Aura, had died from a close-in defence cannon?!

  This was really a bit unacceptable to them.

  Zarna Bo couldn’t help but say, “Lord Ying, didn’t Jordan Bojun Bo he …… go to investigate the dead soldiers’ quarters? How could he be killed by the close defense cannon? This close defense cannon, is it that powerful?”

  I have consulted experts in weaponry, this is a very powerful machine gun, with Jordan Bojun Bo’s strength, if he prepares in advance and goes all out, he should be able to withstand two or three rounds head on, but if the other side takes him by surprise, he may not be able to block even one.”

  Speaking at this point, Lord Ying gave a slight pause and added: “And the number of shells that can be fired from this kind of close defence gun in a minute is …… three thousand ……”

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