Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5463

With bloodshot eyes, Viclof Hawkins looked at his brother without blinking and pleaded in an incomparably humble tone, “Chad, my good brother, I beg you to bury me with my wife and children for the sake of my brother who has taken care of you for half of my life… I have never begged you in my life, this is my last request before I die… …”

  Chad Hawkins shook his head and said indifferently, “Brother, if you and I were in Naples at this moment, I would teach your family to be buried together without you having to say anything. But right now, you and I are in Cyprus, I can’t take your corpse on the plane, there’s no way the airports on either side will allow a dead person to enter or leave the country.”

  Viclof Hawkins choked out, “Chad, then you can burn me in a fire when I die and bring my ashes back to be buried with them!”

  ”Impossible.” Chad Hawkins refused expressionlessly, “In this situation right now, where do you want me to burn you? Maybe the Cypriot police will come looking for you before your body is even burnt.”

  Viclof Hawkins asked him, “Then you can’t just leave me alone in the wilderness of Cyprus, can you?!”

  ”How could you.” Chad Hawkins said with relief, “If you were to die in the wilderness in Cyprus, the Cypriot police would definitely start with your corpse and investigate the relevant clues, then it would definitely be traced back to the flight we came on and lock you in from Naples, and that would bring a lot of unnecessary trouble to the Right Army Governorate, so the best way is to let you sleep here in the ground for a long time. “

  Viclof Hawkins said, “If you bury me, won’t others find my corpse?”

  Chad Hawkins laughed, “The water you drank is a special poison specially configured by Lord Ying for traitors, drinking it will not only make you lose all your mobility, but will also gradually rot your organs.”

  After saying that, Chad Hawkins looked at the time and added, “I guess in a few minutes, you will die due to the decay of your internal organs, when you die, I will dig a pit and bury you, after an hour, your entire abdomen will turn into a cloud of blood;”

  ”After a few hours, your body will be completely decomposed from the inside out, leaving only a white skeleton;”

  ”If you wait for another day, even the white bones will be corroded clean;”

  ”By that time, big brother, you will have completely merged into the earth of Cyprus.”

  ”Good …… good …… good ……,” Viclof Hawkins smiled miserably and said weakly: “Really my good brother, in that case, then big brother I will wait for you below, this revenge, when we meet in the spring, I will find you to revenge!”

  At this moment, although Viclof Hawkins’s heart was filled with resentment, deep down, he had completely resigned himself to his fate.

  He understood that this is what people often say: “One slip of the tongue leads to a thousand hatreds.

  When Xiang Yu made a mistake, he eventually lost his entire world.

  Emperor Jianwen also lost his entire empire with a single thought.

  I, myself, lost the lives of my entire family because of this single thought.

  At this moment, Chad Hawkins only smiled slightly and said casually, “Big brother, when you get there, go and meet your parents and the ancestors of the Hawkins family, you have deceived the Ying Lord, when they know in heaven, they are afraid that they will have to clean up the family themselves.”

  Viclof Hawkins’s expression was appalled beyond measure, it suddenly occurred to him that Chad Hawkins was right, every member of the Hawkins family, for hundreds of years, had to serve the Qing Breaking Society, they were extremely loyal to the Qing Breaking Society, if they really met in the spring, they were afraid that they would not forgive themselves ……

  At this moment, Viclof Hawkins completely lost all his thoughts, he let out a bitter smile, only to feel a sharp pain hit his heart, as if pierced by several sharp knives, his whole body also became weak beyond compare.

  Immediately afterwards, Viclof Hawkins instantly lost consciousness.

  At that moment, his internal organs had already undergone severe corrosion, and he then gradually lost his breath.

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