Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5462

  As he said this, Chad Hawkins sighed and said with emotion, “My good brother, do you know that I have been hoping for this day to come sooner than later for the past 20 years since you became the Governor, and as long as I can become the Governor, not only will I be able to control the power of the Governor’s Office, I will also be able to receive pills from Lord Ying on a regular basis, and if I promise to be loyal to Lord Ying during this period, I may even be able to master the aura during my lifetime. Who could not be tempted by such a great offer? What’s more, I am your alternate, I am not out of reach to be the governor, once you are abolished, it will be me who will take the throne!”

  Viclof Hawkins’s heart was overwhelmed with indignation, he did not expect that this brother, whom he had brought along since childhood and wholeheartedly nurtured and supported, would betray him at a critical moment.

  At this moment, he wanted to fight back and escape, but he felt as if his body was completely anaesthetized, and his whole body was limp on the seat.

  With tears in his eyes, he said to Chad Hawkins, “Chad, if I die, in the future, Lord Ying will also train a replacement beside you, and maybe one day, you will end up like me, I am a lesson for you!”

  ”No way.” Chad Hawkins shook his head and said with a bland expression, “I’m not like you, I will never betray Lord Ying, his old man!”

  Saying that, Chad Hawkins added, “If I do a good job and Lord Ying rewards me, I will accept it; if I do a bad job and Lord Ying punishes me, I will admit the punishment, but I will never deceive Lord Ying to avoid the chastisement!”

  Chad Hawkins looked at Viclof Hawkins and said with a bit of sarcasm in his expression, “Big brother, your mistake is that you don’t have the knowledge that I do, you’ve been a governor for so long that you think you really have all the tricks, you think you can really hide your little tricks from the British Lord, but in reality, the British Lord knows everything you do. Even if I don’t tell the British Lord, perhaps there will be Substitute Two and Substitute Three who will tell the British Lord, and even if I don’t kill you, they will find an opportunity to kill you and me together!”

  Viclof Hawkins was stunned, then he let out a miserable laugh and nodded, “Very well, you are smarter than me, more decisive and more ruthless than me, I ask myself, if I knew that you betrayed Lord Ying, I would definitely try to protect you! I don’t ask you to let me go, I only ask you to take care of your sister-in-law and your nephews for me!”

  Chad Hawkins smiled, “Big brother, why don’t you beg me for something else ……”

  Viclof Hawkins’s expression flinched and he questioned out of turn, “Chad Hawkins, what do you mean? Are you not even sparing my wife and children?!”

  Chad Hawkins shrugged helplessly and said, “Brother, even if I wanted to keep your wife and children alive, Lord Ying would not agree to it. They will definitely hate me to the bone and Lord Ying to the bone, such a person, keeping it is a huge hidden danger to the Broken Qing Society ……”

  Speaking of this, Chad Hawkins gave a slight beat, looked at Viclof Hawkins and smiled, “Big brother, what Lord Ying means is …… to cut the grass …… to get rid of the roots!”

  Viclof Hawkins’s whole person had completely collapsed!

  He never thought that his lightning thought would push himself, and his wife and son, into the abyss of doom!

  He burst into tears and begged, “Chad, I beg you to leave me a bloodline, even if you want to leave me a son!”

  Chad Hawkins shook his head and said coldly, “Big brother, I’ll leave you a bloodline, so who am I going to beg to leave me a bloodline after it’s over?”

  Viclof Hawkins broke down and cried out in pain, “I want to speak to Lord Ying! He has the bloodline of the Wu family in his body too, we are all from the same clan, why do you want to kill me so much!”

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