Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5461

Hearing his brother’s questioning, Chad Hawkins turned his head to look at him, sneered and spoke, “Brother, my good brother, don’t blame me for being ruthless, I am just carrying out Lord Ying’s orders, and truth be told, I am your alternate.”

  ”What?!” Viclof Hawkins was dumbfounded all of a sudden.

  He had never imagined that he, as the governor of one of the five military governorates and the most trusted beloved of Lord Ying, would have an alternate!

  Moreover, he could not have imagined that this alternate was his own brother!

  He questioned out of the blue, “When did you become my alternate?

  Chad Hawkins smiled, “I was already your alternate before you became the Governor of the Right Army, to be exact, I knew about you becoming the Governor before you did.”

  ”B*****d!” Viclof Hawkins roared in anger, “You are my own brother! My own brother, whom I watched grow up! You’ve been my alternate for so many years and you never told me?!”

  Chad Hawkins asked in return, “Why should I tell you? This is a top secret mission given to me by Lord Ying, you and I are both subjects who serve Lord Ying first and secondly, we are brothers, if you hadn’t presumed to deceive Lord Ying, Lord Ying, his old man wouldn’t have asked me to replace you, the fault lies in you having personal feelings for Lord Ying!”

  Viclof Hawkins was terrified, but he said, “I did not! All my life I have served Lord Ying as my God, and he is like a god in my heart, how could I deceive him ……”

  ”Still sophomoric?” Chad Hawkins said coldly, “My dear brother, you weren’t the only one who heard the conversation that the gang had in the tent just now, I heard it too!”

  ”What?!” Viclof Hawkins was instantly struck by lightning as he asked offhandedly, “You …… you’ve been following me?!”

  Chad Hawkins lightly said, “Stalking is not so much, for your alternate, not only must you always be ready to replace you, but also always feed all the information you come into contact with to the Ying Master in real time, in order, to prevent you from hiding something from the Ying Master.”

  After saying that, he looked at Viclof Hawkins and said with a cold expression, “Big brother, if you had honestly reported today’s incident to the Ying Master and apologised to him, the Ying Master might still have kept you alive for the sake of our Wu family and the face you have worked so hard for all these years, but you are confused, big brother! Have you forgotten the three iron rules of the Qing Breaking Society? Those who disobey orders will be executed! Those who deceive the King, beheaded! Anyone who is double-minded will be executed! What you have committed is the crime of deceiving the king!”

  Viclof Hawkins looked at him and asked through gritted teeth, “So you knew that I had lied to Lord Ying, and instead of helping me, your elder brother, to hide it, you even reported it to Lord Ying?”

  Chad Hawkins laughed contemptuously and said, “Brother, I have just said that loyalty to the British Lord is the most important thing, and the foundation of our relationship is based on our loyalty to the British Lord, if you betray the British Lord, the brotherhood between you and me will naturally be gone, and you will no longer be my brother, but my and the whole Qing Breaking Society’s enemy! Then you would no longer be my big brother, but my enemy and the entire Qing Breaking Society’s enemy!”

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