Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5460

  The British Lord questioned sternly, “How could this happen?! A large base, just like that, is gone? Where are the people inside? Have they all been killed?!”

  Viclof Hawkins said in fear, “My Lord, I have no idea what happened to the people inside! I was hoping for an official investigation by the Cypriot authorities, but they have now ordered the entire site to be filled in and declared that the copper mine has reached the end of its life and has been artificially abandoned.

  The British Lord asked in a cold voice, “Why is the Cypriot government in such a hurry to fill up the site? Is it because they have discovered something that cannot be revealed to the public?”

  Hawkins’s heart tightened, he did not expect that the British Lord had caught the key point of the problem in an instant.

  However, there was no turning back from the opening bow.

  He did not dare to take the responsibility that the entire Deadman’s quarters had long since been taken over, and that even Jordan Bojun had been strangled. He only wanted to let Lord Ying know that the reason why this place had been razed to the ground was all because the mysterious enemy was too powerful, just like the loss of New York and Northern Europe, it was not that his side was too rookie, but that the enemy was too strong.

  So, he could only say with a stiff upper lip, “Ying Lord, my subordinate thinks that the people in the dead soldiers’ quarters, as well as Jordan Bojun, have probably all died, and it is highly likely that the enemy took advantage of their unpreparedness and bloodied the place ……”

  ”Bloodbath ……” Lord Ying muttered, “Jordan Bojun was extremely strong, what could have bloodbath him?!”

  Viclof Hawkins lamented, “Lord Ying, my subordinates do not know exactly who did it, please punish Lord Ying!”

  After a long time, Lord Ying said decadently, “It’s just that, it seems that this world, is not what I thought it was, I was too optimistic ……”

  After saying that, Lord Ying added, “All right, you guys withdraw back, don’t mention this matter to anyone, if you violate, kill without amnesty!”

  Hearing these words, Viclof Hawkins completely put his heart down.

  As the Governor of the Right Army Governorate, he was one of Lord Ying’s most trusted and powerful ministers, and he knew the underlying logic of the inner workings of the Qing Breaking Society.

  In the Broken Qing Society, the five capital governorates all operated independently of each other, and no one knew the specifics of the other four capital governorates, where they were, how many people they had under their command, how many death quarters, how many Dark Realm or even Transformation Realm experts.

  Moreover, there is a tight firewall of information within each of the capitals.

  Although the copper refinery in Turkey was his superior and was responsible for all the supplies and antidote distribution for the dead soldiers, they did not have the authority to command Khalid.

  If the copper refinery in Turkey and the copper mine in Cyprus disappeared at the same time, this line would naturally go unnoticed.

  The British Lord had allowed himself to conceal this matter for no other purpose than to stabilise the army and keep the others completely ignorant of that mysterious enemy.

  On the other hand, since Lord Ying had said so, he should not intend to pursue his own responsibility anymore.

  With excitement in his heart, Viclof Hawkins ended his call with Lord Ying before using his mobile phone to call all the others back.

  When several people returned, Viclof Hawkins’s younger brother, Chad Hawkins, seeing his brother sitting in the passenger seat, went straight into the driver’s seat, but did not rush to start the car, but asked him with a nervous look on his face, “Brother, what did Lord Ying say?”

  Viclof Hawkins frowned and reprimanded in a low voice, “I’ve told you many times, you can only call me brother in private, you should call me Dudu at other times!”

  Chad Hawkins hurriedly said, “Yes …… Duvu …… my subordinate is not worried about you …… afraid that Lord Ying will condemn you… …”

  Viclof Hawkins smiled faintly and spoke, “This kind of thing happened, it is far beyond my ability, even Jordan Bojun can hardly escape the clutches of the other side, how can I be able to.”

  After saying this, Viclof Hawkins waved his hand, “Go back, it’s almost time.”

  Chad Hawkins nodded and handed Viclof Hawkins a bottle of water and said, “The governor will drink some water to calm his nerves, we will return now.”

  Viclof Hawkins was already extremely relaxed at this point because he had a sense of survival after the robbery, and after relaxing, he did feel thirsty, so he took the water and unscrewed it to take a few sips.

  A few seconds later, he suddenly changed his face and stared at his brother Chad Hawkins, who was sitting in the driver’s seat, and said with difficulty, “Chad you …… you …… you poisoned the water?!”

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