Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5459

At this moment, Viclof Hawkins made up his mind almost immediately that he must not report the actual situation here to the British Lord!

  At the very least, he could not tell the British Lord that the warheads and shell casings of the close defence guns had been found here.

  At the very least, the British Lord must not be informed that the bullet head of the gun was still carrying the DNA of a person, and that person was probably Jordan Bojun.

  Because this thing, the close defence gun, was simply too sensitive, and the fact that the cartridge casing was found within the confines of the copper mine would be enough to prove to the British Lord that this deadly garrison had long been under the covert control of the enemy under his own rule, and that would be too serious a dereliction of duty on his part.

  Coincidentally, at the moment, Cypriot officials were also planning to conceal the news of the close defence guns and were going to fill in the entire collapsed area, which meant that everything that had happened here would soon be dead on arrival.

  As long as he didn’t say anything, it was unlikely that the British Lord would know about the existence of the guns.

  In that case, he could play dumb and simply say that he could not find any valuable clues as to what had happened here, and eventually package the matter as an unresolved case and blame it on the mysterious enemy.

  In this way, even if Lord Ying chastised himself, it would not be too serious.

  After all, even the British Lord himself could not find out the reason for that hidden enemy, not to mention that there were already two precedents in New York and Northern Europe.

  Thinking of this, Viclof Hawkins was relieved.

  He felt that although his own affair this time was a bigger stir than both New York and Northern Europe, the worst he could do was to lose his position as governor of the right army capital, or at least keep a dog’s life.


  Soon, the heavy machinery that was still digging up the wreckage and spotting and drilling stopped almost instantly.

  Immediately afterwards, they began to withdraw one by one from the collapsed area to the outside.

  The excavation and drilling work, according to the instructions of their superiors, was now completely finished.

  When Viclof Hawkins saw this, he felt more secure, so he immediately sent a signal to the other men to evacuate as well.

  After they met outside the copper mine, Viclof Hawkins deliberately asked the others, “Have you found any clues?”

  All of them shook their heads repeatedly with shocked expressions.

  Among them, Viclof’s younger brother Chad Hawkins said, “Governor, I just went inside the cave-in area and saw that the entire copper mine had been turned into rubble, and the difference between the centre and the surrounding flat land was more than ten metres, so there was no way to investigate! If you want to find out what’s going on inside, it’s impossible without heavy equipment.”

  Another man said, “But they’ve already started pulling out the excavation tools, so they probably don’t want to investigate any further.”

  Viclof Hawkins spoke up, “I just heard their commander say that they have orders from above to fill the place up completely within 72 hours.”

  Chad Hawkins said helplessly, “In this situation, if there is no heavy machinery, it is impossible to find out any clues, now that they are not investigating, it is impossible for us to mobilize equipment to come over and continue investigating, and when they fill the place up, it will be even more impossible for us to find out any clues …… “

  ”No way.” Viclof Hawkins sighed in mock despondency and spoke, “They will soon withdraw all the personnel from the collapsed area, by then it will be impossible for us to blend in under their noses to look for clues, and it won’t take long for them to start backfilling, there is no need for us to stay here anymore, so we might as well evacuate this place first and return to Lord Ying to see what his old man What are his orders.”

  ”Good!” Several people knew that there was no good solution at the moment, so they all agreed to do so.

  Afterwards, several people returned to the place where they had parked before.

  Viclof Hawkins said to the few people, “You few walk farther away, I have to go to the car to report to Lord Ying.”

  Several people nodded at the same time and walked a long way in the opposite direction.

  Only then did Viclof Hawkins get into his car, take out his mobile phone and use the special contact software to make a voice call to Lord Ying.

  When the call was answered, Lord Ying asked him, “Have you ascertained the situation?”

  Viclof Hawkins hurriedly said, “Back to Lord Ying, my subordinates have gone into the location of the copper mine to investigate, but now the entire copper mine has collapsed from the bottom, along with the above-ground part of the copper mine has also completely collapsed into ruins, the entire site is full of collapsed construction rubbish, there are no more clues to be found ……”

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