Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5457

As soon as the commander said this, the few staff members around him immediately became horrified!

  Viclof Hawkins, who was eavesdropping outside the tent, was even more frightened out of his wits!

  When he heard this and combined it with what had happened before, he immediately guessed the whole story.

  Originally, they had long suspected this line of Cyprus and the possibility of a leak.

  At first they had thought that the enemy should have set their eyes on this place, or that the festival ambassador here was colluding with the enemy from within and without.

  But now he realised that this place had long been completely controlled by the enemy!

  If the enemy hadn’t taken complete control of this place, how could they have quietly prepared a great killing weapon like the Close Defence Cannon here?!

  The enemy even knew that Jordan Bojun was coming, which is why they had laid a death trap for him here in advance!

  Combined with the two clues that Jordan Bojun had disappeared and that human dna had been found on the close defence cannon shells at the scene, he also guessed in his heart that Jordan Bojun had probably been sieved or even reduced to ashes by the close defence cannon that the enemy had hidden here in advance!

  He knew that after so many years of development, they had always been in the shadows of all their enemies, and they had always been the ones to design ambushes and plant their own eyes around their enemies, but they had never been infiltrated by the enemy from within themselves.

  This time, however, everything had changed forever.

  The enemy had actually infiltrated the Broken Clear Society without a sound, and had even taken over an entire Deadman’s Quarters without the Broken Clear Society’s complete knowledge, and then taken out a Count who had mastered the aura!

  And at this moment, Viclof Hawkins was not the only one who was appalled.

  The commander inside the tent, as well as his subordinates, were also speechless with shock at this discovery.

  After a long silence, the commander’s adjutant was the first to break the silence: “Boss, this is just a copper mine, it’s not a military base …… if they are equipped with ak47s or even with rpg man-portable rocket launchers, I can accept and understand all this, after all, copper mines have their own security needs, getting some man-portable weapons and setting up a security team is not very strange ……”

  But …… it’s just a copper mine, not a military base, why would they need such a sick heavy weapon as a close-in cannon …… it’s too unbelievable, isn’t it? “

  ”Yeah ……” the commander said with a sad face, “I can’t figure out what you’re talking about at all either …… “

  With that, he suddenly brightened up and spoke, “What was the first thing you just said?”

  ”Me?” The adjutant thought for a moment and said, “I said it’s not strange if this place is equipped with AK47s ……”

  The commander waved his hand, “No, another sentence.”

  The adjutant thought for a moment and said, “I said this is just a copper mine, it’s not a military base ……”

  ”Right!” The commander suddenly widened his eyes and blurted out, “That’s the problem! If it really is just a copper mine, then it doesn’t even need to be equipped with close defense guns!”

  With that, the commander continued with some excitement, “But now that it’s equipped with close-in guns, that in turn proves that this is not an ordinary copper mine! Most likely, it’s a military base that we don’t know anything about!”

  ”A military base?!” A crowd of people were even more shocked and speechless.

  To find a military base in one’s own country that did not belong to one’s own country was indeed mind-boggling.

  However, the logic of the commander’s judgment was reasonable again, the fact that the other party was able to master a weapon like the close defence gun proved that the other party must not be an ordinary person, but definitely an armed element with strong experience in actual combat.

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