Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5456

  As Cyprus had mobilised a large number of personnel and equipment from various departments to support them at this moment, the scene was mixed, and the troops responsible for the perimeter were focused on keeping the media reporters away, so they didn’t even realise that Viclof Hawkins had bypassed them.

  When Viclof Hawkins arrived at the outskirts of the copper mine without a sound, he was completely amazed by the sight before him.

  He had never imagined that the huge copper mine, which had taken decades to complete, had now become a ruin more than ten metres deep!

  Inside the ruins, a large number of construction machines were excavating at different points.

  There were even several drilling machines at the site, which were constantly drilling into the ground, trying to bring out the composition of the soil hundreds of metres underground to see if there was human DNA in it, so as to determine whether there was anyone at the bottom when the copper mine exploded.

  Viclof Hawkins looked terrified and froze for a long time before taking out his mobile phone to take some photos of the scene, ready to send them back to Lord Ying.

  He then saw a number of marching tents set up on the air around him, so he planned to feel his way in to find out what the Cypriot officials were doing at the moment.

  When he noticed that samples were being delivered one by one to one of the marching tents, he immediately leaned in silently.

  Through the tent’s tarpaulin, he heard the conversation inside.

  One of them spoke up, “Commander, we have found many more warheads one after another at the location where we found the close-in artillery warheads before, and so far we have found more than thirty of them, including a total of four warheads with human dna.

  This statement made Viclof Hawkins’s heart horrified!

  He couldn’t help but think in his mind, “A close-in defence gun? How could there be a close defence cannon at the dead soldiers’ quarters?!”

  At that moment, the commander spoke up, “Immediately have the biology experts check the human dna on these 4 warheads to see if they are the same person.”

  The reporter said, “Yes Commander, I will arrange it now.”

  The commander added, “Right, there is one more thing.”

  The reporter said respectfully, “Commander, please speak!”

  The commander said, “I need to know exactly where these close defence shells came from, whether they came from the inside of the copper mine or from the outside of the mine, so the immediate priority now is that you must find me the shell casings for the close defence guns!”

  The commander added, “Tell the team excavating the site to keep an eye on the rubble for near defence shell casings, and tell the second team to look for clues to shell casings within a two kilometre radius of the copper mine!”

  The reporter immediately said, “Yes commander, I’ll arrange it now!”

  As soon as the words left his mouth, a voice came over the intercom, “31 reporting, 31 reporting, we’ve found some 30mm close-in gun casings within the rubble, ask the weapons expert to take a look and see if these casings match the warheads found earlier!”

  The commander perked up at this and blurted out, “Get the casings to me immediately!”

  A few minutes later, a crew member ran frantically all the way into the tent holding several shell casings that had been crushed and deformed in the rubble.

  After receiving the photos, the remote weapons experts also gave their preliminary opinion that these shell casings were indeed those of Soviet-made 30mm close-in artillery shells, which matched the calibre and type of the warheads very closely, basically concluding that they belonged to the same batch as the warheads.

  After receiving the reply, the commander exclaimed, “These close defence guns were actually inside the copper mine …… That means that this copper mine was not subjected to a terrorist attack …… but they had quietly equipped themselves with close defence guns! “

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