Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5455

Finding human dna in such a large ruin is not really a surprise to the command centre.

  But to find a bullet head from a close-in artillery gun in a place like this is just a little too bizarre.

  The discovery of a close-in artillery warhead would mean that the area had been subjected to close-in artillery fire.

  Combined with a range of less than four kilometres, the gun was, if not inside the mine, at least not far from it when it fired.

  Whether it was someone inside the mine attacking someone else with a close-in gun, or someone outside attacking the mine with a close-in gun, it was incomprehensible.

  At this point, one of the adjutants put forward the idea: “Could the copper mine have been subjected to a terrorist attack?”

  This idea was immediately echoed by most people.

  Over the years, terrorist attacks in the Middle East had never ceased, and those extremists had to make some big noise every now and then, so could they have targeted Cyprus this time?

  However, the commander on the scene had a different idea.

  I’ve consulted the experts, and this Soviet-made close-in gun weighs nearly two tonnes empty, and with all the ammunition and the complete fire control system, it would weigh at least three to four tonnes. Besides, although the close defence gun is very powerful, after all, its calibre is only thirty millimetres. If it is used to hit a building, hundreds or thousands of shells may not be able to collapse a building, but this place has been blown up to the present state, so a lot of explosives must have been used to blast it internally. Since the terrorists can already blow up the whole copper mine into rubble, why did they go to the trouble of getting a close defence gun over? “

  ”This ……” Everyone on the scene immediately fell into contemplation.

  The commander had a point, although the proximity gun was very powerful, compared to such a big movement as blowing up a copper mine, it was just a few bites from a mosquito, there was absolutely no need for the terrorists to bring a big two or three tonne or even three or four tonne weapon here to cause trouble.

  The crowd was at once at a dead end.

  However, the multi-point excavation at the site was still going on.

  The excavation site where the close-in artillery warheads had been found earlier soon unearthed more warheads, and soil containing human dna was also found.

  However, there were no similar findings at the other excavation sites.

  The samples from the other excavation sites were almost all copper ore remains, with no human presence and no clues to the presence of any close defence guns.

  By now the sky was beginning to lighten up and Viclof Hawkins, leading several of his inner circle, was on his way to the copper mine.

  During this journey, they had noticed heavy machinery convoys and army convoys heading towards the mine at great speed, which made Viclof Hawkins even more uneasy, so when they were still three kilometres away from the mine, they found a hidden location and stopped.

  Not knowing the actual situation of the mine, Viclof Hawkins did not dare to drive any further, so the group ran along the coastline at a great speed.

  Viclof Hawkins was a master of the Transformation Realm, and although his combat ability was not as good as Jordan Bojun’s, his body could move very fast and it was difficult for ordinary people to find him.

  The few people accompanying him were also all late Dark Realm experts, so a distance of three kilometres was no big deal to them.

  The reason why they chose to go on foot was that they were worried that the area around the copper mine was already surrounded and blocked by the Cypriot officials, in which case the car they were travelling in would have no chance of getting close.

  However, when the group sneaked all the way to the copper mine, they were able to blend in easily with their far superior strength and skills.

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