Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5452

  Tensions were high and Cyprus began an emergency excavation of the cave-in site to try to find clues to the victims while keeping the news under wraps.

  At the same time, Viclof Hawkins, the governor of the right army in Naples, was on the verge of making contact with the Cypriot governor, Khalid.

  According to the plan he had worked out with Jordan Bojun, he would give Khalid a top secret mission over the phone and ask him to send someone to Rome.

  And if Jordan Bojun wanted to find out if there were any problems with Khalid and the other primus inter pares, he would have to wait until after this phone call of his own before he could start.

  At the moment, Viclof Hawkins was like a referee with a gun in his hand, no one could run first until he gave the order.

  Strangely enough, his dedicated phone line, which was used to contact Khalid on a single line and was available 24 hours a day, could not be reached when he called again.

  Such a thing had never happened in the past twenty years.

  This abnormal situation immediately made Viclof Hawkins nervous.

  He then called Jordan Bojun again, but Jordan Bojun’s phone was also unreachable.

  This instantly gave him a sense of foreboding in his heart.

  However, due to the special structural framework of the Qing Breaking Association, he had no other subordinates in Cyprus that he could contact directly, apart from the sectional governor Khalid.

  So, the best thing to do now is to send someone to Cyprus to find out what is going on.

  The best person to do this would be an envoy from the copper refinery in Turkey, which is so close to Cyprus that it would not take long to fly there by helicopter.

  However, since Jordan Bojun was one of the Four Counts, the fact that he had lost contact with the entire Deadly Warriors’ compound was already a major change within the Qing Breaking Society, so Viclof Hawkins did not dare to take the initiative, but immediately got up and went to his secret room.

  The so-called secret room is actually a room that is completely isolated from outside sounds and shielded from all wireless signals.

  In this room, there is only one internet phone connected to a network cable, which is the only way to communicate with the outside world.

  If someone were to install a bug or other device here, the electromagnetic shielding would be sufficient to ensure that the other party would not receive any signals.

  Viclof Hawkins went to the secret room, picked up the internet phone and dialled an encrypted number.

  Soon, on the other end of the line, the voice of Lord Ying, which had been processed by a voice changer, came out in a low tone.

  ”What’s going on? I can’t believe you’re using a dedicated line to contact me again.”

  Within the Broken Clear Society, Lord Ying had a special line of telephone for direct contact with the five great governors.

  This special line had the highest level of secrecy and was also of the highest priority, and was basically equivalent to the air-raid siren within the Broken Clear Society, once it was used to contact them, it meant that something major and urgent had happened.

  According to the British Lord’s request, no governor was allowed to use this line to contact him as a last resort.

  Originally, the five special lines were rarely connected even once in a period of several years, but the special line of the Right Governor’s Office has been activated twice by Viclof Hawkins during this recent period.

  The first time was when the Primus guards who had gone to capture Lin Wan’er disappeared, and Viclof Hawkins used this line to report the situation to the British Lord;

  This time, it was Jordan Bojun, who went to investigate the prime-rider guards, who was nowhere to be found, and the entire dead soldiers’ station was also out of contact.

  Viclof Hawkins was also nervous at this time, he wiped his cold sweat while he said with great apprehension, “Lord Ying …… Jordan Bo he …… he …… “

  Lord Ying said in a cold voice: “What happened to Uncle Jordan?”

  Viclof Hawkins swallowed his saliva and spoke with difficulty, “Back to Lord Ying …… Uncle Jordan he …… lost contact ……”

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