Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5451

For Charlie wade’s prudence, Wan Bajun did not question it half a bit at all.

  He said without a second thought, “Alright Mr. Wade, now that the entire copper mine has collapsed into ruins, and with such a big commotion today, the Cypriot officials will definitely take over the investigation, by then, not to mention that there are no clues left at the scene, it won’t be too easy for the Broken Qing Society to even enter the scene to investigate and collect evidence!”

  One is that they could find a way to infiltrate the ruins of the copper mine, or find a way to bribe the Cypriot officials, so as to get the residue of the close defense gun warheads in the ruins of the copper mine, and the other is that if they are lucky enough and hardworking enough, they might be able to get the DNA of that Count of the Temple of All Dragons’ DNA;”

  ”The latter would allow them to make sure that the Count was dead as a doornail, while the former would allow them to know what their Count died of, and if they followed the trail of the near-fire cannon, it would only lead to Blackwater in America;”

  ”And the trail on Blackwater’s side has been made into a broken trail by us, if Broken Clear will investigate into them, it will only relent to Blackwater Group as we envisioned, and if they get into a pinch with Blackwater Group, it will be even more interesting.”

  Charlie wade smiled faintly and spoke, “That would be best! After this incident, I’m sure we can give the Broken Clear Society, that Lord Ying, and the three remaining Counts a good knock, I guess they will be overshadowed by this for quite some time, these people have probably long forgotten what it’s like to be afraid, this time I’ll let them reminisce.”

  Wan Bajun laughed, “Mr. Wade, if they knew how that Count died, they would probably be scared half to death, and I’m afraid they would have nightmares in their sleep ……”

  Charlie wade smiled, remembered something and instructed again, “Right Broken Army, you and all the generals of Wan Long Temple who participated in the Overthrowing Nest Project, evacuate with the ship for now, don’t go back to Syria in the near future, make sure that after everyone is evacuated from Cyprus, don’t have anything to do with Syria in the meantime, so that Broken Qing will not focus on Wan Long Temple.”

  Saying that, Charlie wade added, “Although this plan was executed beautifully, the overall strength of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall is definitely still a big gap compared to the Broken Qing Society, now is not the time to clash with them head on.”

  Wan Breaking Jun immediately said, “Okay Mr. Wade, then subordinate will stay on the ship first, if you have any matters that you need subordinates to do, feel free to inform subordinates, subordinates will borrow a way to go ashore from other countries.”

  Charlie wade said, “How about this, these days you first stay with the ship, after ten days and a half months, you can then find a way to borrow another country and come to China with a different identity, in addition, last time I asked you to arrange for the most trustworthy and most promising brothers to come to Aurous Hill for further education, this time you can also arrange for them together, the venue in Aurous Hill is almost ready, next, you should also focus on The next step is to focus on improving your cultivation.”

  Wan Bajun respectfully said, “Yes, Mr. Wade, I will make arrangements and report to you at the end of August in Aurous Hill!”


  At this moment.

  The explosion at the Cyprus copper mine had already attracted the attention of the Cypriot officials.

  When the staff, as well as a large number of police officers, arrived at the copper mine, everyone was shocked by the horrifying sight before them!

  For these people, they had seen mining areas cave in, but they had never seen a cave-in like this!

  This was no longer a mere cave-in, it was an unprecedented major production accident!

  In their eyes, there were nearly 1,000 workers and their families living and working here, and now that the mine had completely collapsed into rubble, the safety of nearly 1,000 workers and their families became the biggest problem at the moment.

  They immediately tried to contact the people in charge of the copper mine, but there was no one to contact at the moment.

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