Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5450

  So, judging from this strength of the other party, he must be one of the Four Great Counts.

  Charlie wade also breathed a sigh of relief and gave Wan Bajun a call back.

  As soon as the call came through, Wan Bajun said respectfully, “Mr. Wade, you have seen the videos sent by your subordinates, right?”

  ”Seen it.” Charlie wade smiled, “You guys did a very nice job, although the other party was very strong, they had absolutely no power to fight back, it was done very dry and clean!”

  Wan Breaking Jun was busy saying, “Thanks to your good idea, Mr. Wade, otherwise, you asked my subordinates to think out of the box, my subordinates could not think of using a close defense cannon to deal with the super experts of the Broken Qing Society ……”

  Wan Breaking Jun was not complimenting and flattering, but rather he admired Charlie wade’s foresight from the bottom of his heart.

  Wan Long Hall used to take missions all over the world, and had seen a lot of sword mountains and fire seas, Wan Broken Jun felt that not only was he personally strong, but he also had a high level of command of the battlefield.

  However, for such a long time, Wan Long Temple had never thought of putting a great killing weapon like the Close Defence Cannon to use.

  However, Charlie wade’s phrase of under-fire phobia had given birth to this kind of brutal expert meat grinder, which was indeed a genius idea.

  Charlie wade was not complacent about his bright idea, on the contrary, he had also developed a big shadow in his heart because of watching the video of Jordan Bojun’s ashes.

  He felt that his own strength might not be too much stronger than Jordan Bojun’s.

  Therefore, if Jordan Bojun could not escape the stranglehold of the three close defence guns, he would not stand a chance either.

  This also meant that he himself was still full of dangers in this world, too.

  And the greatest danger of all is arrogance!

  It was because he was too arrogant that Rubeus Hagrid did not survey the scene carefully.

  If he had been cautious enough to observe the copper mine secretly from hundreds of metres away for a few days first, I am afraid it would not have been difficult for him to discover the strangeness of it.

  Especially since the three close defence guns were hidden in the glass room on the roof of the building, if he had noticed the glass room and become suspicious of it, then he would not have taken such a risk to come in and get himself killed.

  In fact, in Charlie wade’s opinion, if Cyprus had been in his place tonight, if he had been as presumptuous as Jordan Bojun, he would have ended up dead as well.

  But as long as he was cautious enough and did not give the three close-in guns a chance to lock onto him, it would not be easy for the three close-in guns to hurt him.

  Charlie wade felt that he had many ways to eliminate the threat of the three close-in defence cannons, one of which was to use the Lightning Stunning Order, while the second was to use the Soul Piercing Blade.

  Although the thunderbolt could not break the steel cannon, it could at least completely destroy the cannon’s circuitry. If the cannon lost its power, it would be like an electric car having its battery stolen, and the huge turret and thick barrel would not be able to move at all, let alone lock onto the target.

  The power of the Soul Piercing Blade is even more arrogant, as it cuts through iron like mud, and if used against a close-in cannon, it could cut it off with a single blow.

  Both of these methods would eliminate the threat of the gun.

  But the point is that one must be cautious and careful enough to be able to spot the other side before they lock onto him.

  Therefore, at this moment, Charlie wade was also exhorting himself in his mind that in future, he must act cautiously and carefully again.

  Then, Charlie wade said to Wan Bajun, “Bajun, from now on, you and the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall must act with absolute caution and never leave opportunities for the enemy.”

  Wan Bajun immediately said, “Don’t worry, Mr. Wade, my subordinate has personally experienced Wade Lingshan and Cypress these two times, I will not dare to be reckless at any time in the future ……”

  Charlie wade gave a hmph and admonished, “Make sure to destroy all the clues, in addition, after all the members of the Primus Guard evacuate, let them float at sea first, don’t dock for the next six months, I want the clues to be completely cut off at sea!”

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