Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5449

At a command from Wan Breaking Jun, the bases of the three close defence guns suddenly emitted a series of explosions, and the close defence guns, which had been rigidly fixed to the concrete bases, were instantly unconnected.

  Immediately afterwards, the bases of the glass houses were all blown off. The engineering team, which had been arranged for a long time, rushed up and pushed all the glass roofs downstairs, then docked the prepared slings and waited for the helicopters to come and lift them.

  At the same time, the Primus guards and their families, who had already made preparations to evacuate, began to rush out of their rooms as quickly as firemen would.

  They had very little luggage, for here they did not have many personal belongings.

  And the dead soldiers and their families had been transferred to the ship days before, so the retreat could simply blow the place to rubble as soon as all the ground personnel were evacuated.

  Right in the open area where Rubeus’s body was shredded, nearly a thousand men quickly finished assembling in separate areas in the open, following steps that had been rehearsed many times before.

  The vehicles used to transport the ore from the copper mine were all activated, each with its own designated parking place, and as soon as the vehicles came to a halt, a group of people waiting next to them began to climb on board.

  At the same time, three helicopters came roaring into the sky.

  They were on standby on the harbour freighter, as Wan Bajun had requested, and as soon as the guns sounded, they immediately started their engines and rushed over at breakneck speed.

  By this time, a truck full of people had already left the copper mine one after another and sped towards the port.

  The evacuation of hundreds of people was carried out in an orderly manner, as it had been rehearsed.

  The helicopters also quickly lifted the three close-in guns and raced back to the port.

  Because of the remote location of the copper mine, no official word had been received at this time.

  And just ten minutes after the death of Jordan Bojun, everyone at the scene had already been evacuated.

  The fourth helicopter took Wan Bajun and Julius Beck hundreds of metres into the air. Wan Bajun looked down at the brightly lit but empty copper mine and pressed the remote detonator in his hand.

  Immediately afterwards, a series of loud explosions were heard from deep below the earth, which were more than a hundred times as loud as the noise of a close-in defence gun!

  Then, a shocking scene appeared in front of Wan Bajun.

  The ground of the copper mine began to collapse one after another, each time the ground shook, and along with it, the buildings on the ground, like paper mache, were quickly collapsed with it into debris.

  As a result of the extensive renovations made by the Qing Breaking Society to the interior of the mine, there was a huge amount of space inside. When all this space collapsed, the entire floor of the mine soon formed a sinkhole more than ten metres deep, and the collapsed area was not only where the copper ore was on the ground, but also in the direction of the roadway that extended out.

  Soon, the copper mine was in ruins.

  Wan Bajun let out a long breath, took out his mobile phone and sent a message to Charlie wade: “Mr. Wade, the experts of the Broken Qing Society have been destroyed in ashes, the plan to overthrow the nest has been successfully completed!”

  After saying that, he sent Charlie wade the video of the whole process recorded by the surveillance equipment.

  It was early morning in Aurous Hill.

  Charlie wade had just gotten up from bed, and Claire was still asleep beside him.

  He picked up his mobile phone and received the message and video from Wan Bajun. He was delighted and stepped onto the terrace before tapping the video on.

  This footage was the entire monitoring of that defence system of the Ten Thousand Dragon Hall.

  It had been tracking and filming Jordan Bojun from the moment it discovered him, so what Charlie wade saw was almost the entire process from the time Jordan Bojun appeared to the time he was killed.

  Although Charlie wade could not tell Jordan Bojun’s cultivation level from the video, he could tell, just like Wan Bajun, that the man was quite strong through his stance when he infiltrated the copper mine and his attempts to dodge the shells.

  Let’s not talk about whether he had mastered aura or not, just his speed and explosive power alone, Wan Bajun was no match for him.

  If it was Wan Bajun who came into contact with him head-on, he might have been killed by the other party with a single move before he even recovered.

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