Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5443

  Halfway through the flight, he suddenly took out his mobile phone and used the internal communication software of the Broken Qing Association to send a video call invitation to Calivet Bo Grace Lowes, who was in the Far East.

  Grace Lowes did not answer, but after rejecting his invitation, he sent back a voice: “What does Uncle Jordan Bojun want from me?”

  Jordan Bojun said with a smile, “Lowes, that place in the Far East must be very boring, right? I went to Naples today and found that the climate and atmosphere in Southern Europe are very nice, if you have the chance, why don’t we both go there and have some fun together.”

  Grace Lowes said indifferently, “I’d rather not, I’d rather be alone.”

  Jordan Bojun replied, “Lowes, why do you keep turning me away? After so many years, you should know my true feelings for you. If you look around, is there anyone under the sky who is more suitable for you than me?”

  Grace Lowes’s tone was unkind as she asked in return, “Why do I need someone else to suit me? You don’t think that I still have any need for affection today, do you? What is the use of feelings? Can it increase your cultivation? Can I attain longevity?”

  Jordan Bojun sighed and laughed awkwardly, “Look at you, Lowes, although feelings can’t increase cultivation or gain longevity, they can make one content! No matter how much you and I cultivate, we can’t live forever, since we will die sooner or later, why not take some time out and have fun in time?”

  Grace Lowes said coldly, “Sorry, I’m not interested in having fun.”

  Jordan Bojun’s tone became a little more urgent and asked her in return, “You can’t die an unmarried girl, can you? If you’re not looking for another half, you should at least have a son or daughter, otherwise who will build a monument for us and burn paper for us after we die?”

  Grace Lowes said disdainfully, “A person’s death is like a lamp going out. If I die, the best ending is to die without any worries and let this body return to dust and earth.

  Aware of Grace Lowes’s caution, Jordan Bojun sighed helplessly and muttered, “It’s not easy to come to this world, I don’t want to die in obscurity, I want to be remembered and not forgotten after I die.”

  Grace Lowes replied with a grin, “Then hurry up and find a woman in the club to get married, let her give you a few more children, in the future, when you die, you will have descendants to burn paper on your grave.”

  Jordan Bojun said resentfully, “Uncle Calivet, I have repeatedly hinted at you, but you have always found various excuses to put me off. I am not good enough for you, Uncle Calivet.”

  Grace Lowes laughed lightly and said, “Uncle Jordan Bojun is joking, how can Lowes be so valued by you? It is not that Lowes does not think highly of you, Lowes just wants to cultivate, if she can achieve longevity, everything worth having in this world will be available sooner or later; if she cannot achieve longevity, everything will be like passing clouds, unable to last forever, and Lowes does not like this feeling.”

  Jordan Bojun was stunned for a moment and let out a long sigh, “How can long life be so easy to seek? Even if you are as strong as Lord Ying, you don’t have the ability to do so.

  Grace Lowes said indifferently, “Whether I ask or not is my business, whether I can ask or not is the business of the heavens, the two are not in conflict.”

  After saying that, Grace Lowes sent another voice, saying, “Uncle Jordan Bojun, although you and I are the same robe, we are not the same people in the end, so please don’t waste your time on Lowes in the future, Uncle Jordan Bojun.”

  Jordan Bojun was depressed in his heart, and at the same time mixed with a bit of sadness, a bit of anger as well as a bit of disbelief.

  But since Grace Lowes had said so much, he really had no face to continue stalking her, so he sighed and said, “It’s just that Uncle Calivet has great ambitions, I know I’m not worthy of you, so I’m really naive today. You’re a funny guy

  Grace Lowes laughed, “I am forgetful, I accidentally deleted Uncle Jordan Bojun’s message by mistake just now, and I can’t remember what Uncle Jordan Bojun said just now.”

  Jordan Bojun knew that Grace Lowes was giving himself a step down, so he replied, “Since Uncle Jianyuan has deleted and forgotten it, then I will not mention it again, and I hope that you and I will both complete the task given by Lord Ying and return triumphantly!

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