Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5442

After a banquet, Jordan Bojun, the capital of Jordan Bo, and Viclof Hawkins, the governor of the right army, quickly became acquainted with each other.

  Jordan Bojun felt that Viclof Hawkins was a real and powerful member of the British Lord’s inner circle, and naturally deserved his friendship;

  On the other hand, Viclof Hawkins felt that since the British Lord had already taken the attitude of allowing the Four Earls to contact the Five Armies, it was only natural that he would have to deal with the Four Earls in the future, and since the other party was much more powerful than himself, it would be good to have a deeper friendship.

  If Jordan Bojun hadn’t been leaving for Cyprus in the evening, the two of them might have burned yellow paper and worshipped each other as brothers.

  After lunch, Jordan Bojun was kindly invited by Viclof Hawkins to join him in a car after the meal and travel around Naples.

  The climate in Naples, at the southern end of the European continent, was warm and pleasant, and even a quick walk around the city put Jordan Bojun in a good mood.

  In the evening, Viclof Hawkins himself hosted a banquet to have a drink with Jordan Bojun.

  At the dinner table, the two men also worked out a plan to map out the copper mines in Cyprus.

  The first thing the two men needed to confirm was whether the copper sectional governor, Khalid, had secret contacts with foreign enemies.

  So, the plan was that when Jordan Bojun sneaked inside the copper mine and started to covertly monitor Khalid, Viclof Hawkins would issue a new secret order to Khalid, asking him to immediately send someone to Rome, Italy, on a top secret mission.

  And Viclof Hawkins will then also send his masters to Rome in advance, waiting to covertly place controls on the Primus guards coming on the mission to see if they will be attacked or secretly collaborate with the enemy;

  If there is a problem with Khalid, he will definitely contact the outside world through other means as soon as he receives the secret order, so that once there is, he can be caught in flagrante delicto, and then follow the vine to find the organisations or individuals who collude with him inside and outside.

  If Khalid is clean, and Viclof Hawkins has found no problems with the Primus, then the odds are that the last incident in Northern Europe was not an internal leak.

  After the two of them had discussed their plans and had had enough to eat, Viclof Hawkins saw that it was about time to go to the airport, so he said with a smile, “Uncle Jordan Bojun, I will take you to the airport!”

  ”Good!” Jordan Bojun smilingly stood up, patted Viclof Hawkins’s shoulder and said seriously, “Elder brother Viclof, you and I are both loyal to the British Lord, in ancient times we were fellow soldiers, in modern times we are colleagues, from now on, there is no need to be so polite between you and me, you call me Elder brother Ou, I call you Elder brother Viclof, from now on we will call each other brothers.”

  Viclof Hawkins said with a flattered face, “That’s really an honour for me!”

  After saying that, he hurriedly filled two more glasses of wine and handed one of them to Jordan Bojun, excitedly saying, “Brother, let’s drink another glass of wine! I wish you triumph in advance!”

  Jordan Bojun laughed and said, “Good, good! With your blessing, I’m sure I’ll be able to win this trip to Cyprus! If we can find out what the problem is, you will also get the credit!”

  Viclof Hawkins hurriedly said, “My good brother, to be honest with you, if we do find the problem in Cyprus this time, you will have solved a big problem for me! Otherwise, if in the future, if it causes more damage to the British Lord, his old man will definitely not let me off!”

  He said with a firm expression, “Don’t worry, this time, if there is a problem in Cyprus, I will definitely find out the problem.

  Viclof Hawkins said with a grateful face as he held his glass of wine, “Old brother, nothing else to say, it’s all in the wine!”

  Jordan Bojun smiled and said, “Good! I will drink this cup with old brother, and we will definitely be triumphant this time!”


  Nine o’clock in the evening.

  A business jet takes off from Naples airport to Larnaca International Airport in Cyprus.

  On board the plane, Rubeus was in a very relaxed state of mind; this trip to Cyprus was, in his opinion, no different from an ordinary person’s trip to a chicken farm, and there was no need to worry about any danger at all.

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