Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5441

  Saying that, he hedged and added, “I have given this system a very secondary name, called the Kiss of Death.”

  He could not even catch a single shot of such a powerful shell, and if he really shot hundreds or thousands of rounds, even the Da Luo Golden Immortal would have to die here.

  At that moment, Wan Bajun nodded in satisfaction and asked him again, “What if multiple targets appear at the same time?”

  The weapons expert said, “If multiple targets appear at the same time, the system will also be the first to issue a warning, and if you choose to fire, the system will take the order of locking onto the targets, one by one, in this three-gun collaboration.”

  Saying that, the weapons expert further explained, “Because the hit is very fast, it basically takes less than a second to settle a target, so even if a dozen people come in at once, as long as the switch is pressed, the close defence guns will clean up one by one by themselves, and the battle is estimated to be settled within twenty seconds.”

  Immediately afterwards, he added, “Let me give you a simulation.”

  He then picked up the intercom and spoke, “All the primus guards waiting outside, come in together.”

  As soon as the words left his mouth, a dozen primus guards were rapidly bursting into the secondary guard range, and an alert popped up on the computer screen in front of Wan Bajun.

  The close-in cannon had locked onto the first Primus guard to enter, the muzzle following his movement and fine-tuning.

  At this point, the weapons expert said to Wan Breaking Jun, “Hall Master, you can actually choose to fire now, none of the three close defence cannons are loaded, you can press to try, this set of close defence cannons is not intelligent enough, even if it is not loaded, it will still be programmed to drive and make an attack flow.”

  Wan Breaking nodded and pressed the button to fire, immediately afterwards, the barrel of the close defence gun behind him began to rotate rapidly, followed by the turret, which also began to move rapidly as the barrel continued to rotate at high speed.

  The turret was aimed at a dozen targets one after the other in quick succession, the barrel idling, and the whole process was very quick, but in less than twenty seconds, it came to a complete stop.

  That weapons expert said with a smile, “For the close defence gun, it had just simulated the entire attack on these dozen people, it just wasn’t loaded, so the barrel was just idling, but in its own eyes, it had already killed these targets all over, if it was in a loaded state and these dozen people were indeed intruders, it would have finished the battle by now and could start prepare to evacuate.”

  ”That’s good.” Wan Bajun sighed in relief and laughed, “If that’s the case, I’m afraid that even if the four earls came together, they wouldn’t be able to escape.”

  ”Definitely, you won’t be able to escape!” The weapons expert said with a smile, “Our artillery shells are fully powerful, although 30mm shells cannot penetrate the heavy armour of a main battle tank, but an ordinary light armoured vehicle, one shell can penetrate a hole as big as a cup, even if he is strong, he will have to meet the King of Hell if he receives two shells, we even if he is really strong, he can carry twenty shells, it is only a matter of a second or two, not to mention that Our guns are all on high ground and they are strong, so I’m afraid it will be difficult for them to threaten them, and once we open fire, they will only be passive, and then there will be no second way out but to die.”

  ”Good.” Wan Xiaojun smiled faintly and spoke, “I’ll be on guard here for this coming period of time, and I’ll take control of the system.”

  After saying that, he said to his master Julius Beck beside him, “Master, it is hard for you to inform this down, from this moment onwards, everyone is not allowed to leave the copper mine range without permission by half a step.”

  Julius Beck immediately said, “Yes, I’ll give the order right away!”

  Wan Bajun said to a subordinate, “Have all the helicopters return to the cargo ship in the port and stand by 24 hours a day. enough time for the explosive bolts to detonate and make all the preparations before hoisting.”

  The subordinate immediately said, “Yes, Hall Master, I will make arrangements immediately!”

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