Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5437

The Right Army Governor’s House, one of the Five Army Governor’s Houses of the Broken Qing Society.

  The Five Military Governorates, with China as the centre, are divided according to the ancient orientation of the emperor sitting in the north facing south.

  The Central Military Governorate, covering most of Southeast and South Asia, including China, as well as West Asia,;

  The Rear Military Governorate, covering all of Russia, Mongolia, the Arctic Circle, and Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan in Central Asia;

  The former capital covers all the southern islands of Southeast Asia, including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, as well as all of Oceania and Antarctica;

  The Right Military Governorate covers the rest of Europe, except Russia, and all of Africa;

  the Metropolitanate of the Left Army covers North America and South America;

  The governors of the five military capitals were all served by the true inner circle of the British Lord, and although their individual strength was not as strong as that of the four great earls, the overall combat power under their command was sufficient to kill the four great earls in turn.

  At this moment, Jordan Bo, was brought by Gazel Truce to a private box on the third floor, the most inner one.

  When he pushed open the heavy door of the box, it was as big as one or two hundred square metres inside.

  What surprised Jordan Bojun was that after he stepped into this huge box, his ears felt a kind of ringing in his ears.

  It was because his ears were completely silent, and the white noise that filled his daily life no longer existed here, so his ears could not hear any sound at once and he had a strange feeling of discomfort.

  Jordan Bojun knew that this situation must be due to the super strong sound insulation and sound absorption inside the compartment, where no noise from the external environment could be transmitted in, hence the illusion of a vacuum.

  At this moment, a middle-aged man in his mid-forties stood up in front of the large dining table inside the box, smiling and striding towards Jordan Bojun, extending his hands a few metres ahead of him and saying with a smile, “My name is Viclof Hawkins, I would like to welcome Uncle Jordan Bo to the airport! Please forgive me for not being able to go to the airport to greet you personally!”

  Jordan Bojun instantly felt a strong sense of unreality.

  Even though this Viclof Hawkins treated him with respect and even called himself his subordinate, his status was actually much higher than his own.

  It was only today that I learnt that the governor of the Right Army was called Viclof Hawkins, and before that, I knew nothing about him.

  One could say that one’s rank within the Qing Breaking Society was not enough to know his true identity.

  If one were to say that one was an expert within the emperor’s side back then, then this Viclof Hawkins in front of one’s eyes was a vassal and important minister who controlled one side.

  Moreover, he was also keenly aware that now the British Lord was beginning to let himself come into contact with these real core members, which meant that he would gradually be reappointed in the future.

  So, he also very politely stepped forward, shook hands with Viclof Hawkins and smiled, “We are all serving the British Lord, so naturally Governor Viclof and I do not need to be so polite!”

  Viclof Hawkins laughed and said, “Uncle Jordan Bo is indeed an important minister who has served the British Lord for a long time, he has a great style!”

  After saying this, he pointed to the table and said with a smile, “I have prepared a small drink to welcome Uncle Jordan Bo, please take a seat!”

  Jordan Bojun arched his hand and said politely, “Together, together!”

  The two men were polite and sat down next to each other at the large table.

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