Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5435

The following day, it was just dawn in Northern Europe.

  Jordan Bojun, who had just opened his eyes, received a message from a stranger.

  The text message consisted of only four words, which read: Naples.

  Jordan Bojun knew that these four words must be the location of the right army governor’s residence.

  Even if it wasn’t, it should be the first stop on the way to the Capital of the Right Army.

  It was a little heartbreaking to say that even Jordan Bojun, who was one of the Four Great Counts, did not know the exact location of the Right Army Governor’s Palace, or the internal staff structure.

  In the Broken Clear Society, although the Four Earls were said to be second only to the British Lord, this was limited to personal strength only.

  Although Lord Ying attached great importance to the Four Counts, and had always praised them in front of others within the Society, and had even given them a lot of pills and materials to enhance their cultivation, in fact, he had always deliberately controlled the power of the Four Counts in the Society, and would hardly allow them to have direct control over any large scale and established organisation of the Society.

  Neither the Dead Soldiers, nor the Primus Guards, nor the overriding Five Armies Governorate, obeyed any orders from the Four Earls.

  The Four Earls were not the real inner circle of the British Lord, but the governors of the Five Armies.

  The structure of the Five Military Governorates was the real core of the Broken Ching Society, and under each of them, there were a large number of people, industries, materials, weapons and money.

  Under each of the governorates, there was at least one deadly garrison, several thousand deadly soldiers, several hundred primus guards, several section ambassadors and special envoys.

  On top of that, there were many expatriates like Callu Bert’s parents who had been sent out to various parts of the world, and many special agents like Charlie wade’s third aunt who had been placed in various countries and fields in their normal capacity.

  Without the Four Earls, the Broken Clear Society was only missing four super experts of peak strength, but without the Five Armies Governorate, the Broken Clear Society would have been left with its arms and legs broken.

  Therefore, Lord Ying himself controlled the Five Armies Capital Mansion and even kept the Four Earls on guard, not wanting them to know too much about the Five Armies Capital Mansion.

  Therefore, the four of them, Jordan Bojun, were the Four Earls, to put it mildly, but they were actually the Four Mascots of the Broken Qing Society.

  At this moment, Jordan Bojun did not dare to delay, he hurriedly got up and left the hotel, called a business jet airline and rented a Gulfstream plane for 30,000 Euros, and flew directly from Oso City to the southern Italian city of Naples.

  All the way through the flight, Jordan Bojun had been analysing the current situation of the Broken Clear Society and the current predicament of the British Lord.

  As one of the Four Earls, he actually had a lot of questions he could not understand.

  For one thing, he could not understand why Lord Ying was so obsessed with Lin Wan’er;

  secondly, he could not understand how magical Lin Wan’er’s so-called ring was that it could make Lord Ying so obsessed

  Thirdly, I couldn’t understand why Lord Ying, who had already shot Uncle Jaro to kill Bruce wade and his wife twenty years ago, still kept on thinking about the An family, and even suddenly killed the An family after a lapse of twenty years

  Fourthly, he wondered why Lord Ying had suddenly asked Uncle Jaro to find the whereabouts of Bruce wade’s son again.

  However, although there were so many questions that he did not understand, he detected a clear change through these circumstances, that is, the British Lord was now relying more heavily on them, the four earls, and gradually began to loosen up from his previous defensiveness towards them at every turn.

  So, in Jordan Bojun’s view, whether he could take advantage of the opportunity to make his mark or not, he would be in a much better position in the future.

  After a three-hour flight, the plane in which Oubertjun was travelling landed at Naples airport.

  It was his first time in the city, but he had heard a lot about it, thanks to the fact that football legend Diego Maradona had played for Naples Football Club.

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