Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5433

Hearing the British Lord’s questioning voice, the expressions of all the people were astonished.

  Uncle Jaro was the first to speak up and said respectfully, “Back to Lord Ying, my subordinates are investigating in Eastcliff, there are no clear clues yet, but my subordinates think that there will be something in China.”

  The British Lord asked in a cold voice, “You still think that it is most likely that Lin Wan’er will escape back to China?”

  ”Yes!” Uncle Jaro replied, “My subordinate thinks that Lin Wan’er should be in Eascliff.”

  Lord Ying asked him, “Why are you so sure?”

  He said, “I have analysed Lin Wan’er’s current situation, and although it may seem like the best choice for her to hide in a sparsely populated barbaric place, I think she has already failed once in Northern Europe, so this time she will definitely go the other way, to the most crowded place. It’s definitely the best option for her.”

  The British Lord was silent for a moment and said, “This demon woman is more cunning than a fox, I cannot understand her either.

  Uncle Jaro clasped his hands respectfully, “I obey orders!”

  Lord Ying added, “By the way, since you have arrived in China, take the time to go to Aurous Hill.”

  ”To Aurous Hill?” Uncle Jaro opened his mouth and asked, “I wonder what Lord Ying has ordered?”

  Lord Ying said in a cold voice, “Although you killed Bruce wade and An Cheng Qing in Aurous Hill, their son’s whereabouts are still unknown. If you can find the whereabouts of that boy, you don’t need to report to me, just kill him!”

  The first thing I did was to go to the school where the children of Bruce wade and his wife were, in order to eliminate the root of the problem, but I was still a step too late. “

  I am not settling scores after the autumn, just that this matter really makes me uneasy in my heart, you must find him this time when you go over there!”

  I will definitely find that boy and kill him with my own hands!”

  Lord Ying lamented, “If that boy were still alive, he would be almost thirty years old now!”

  Uncle Jaro nodded, “If I remember correctly, when Bruce wade and An Chengqing were killed by me, their son must have just turned eight years old.”

  ”Eight years old ……” Lord Ying muttered, “Twenty years have passed, so he is now twenty-eight years old.”

  Uncle Jaro said respectfully, “Your Majesty’s wisdom!”

  Lord Ying said coldly, “Uncle Jaro, if he is still alive, don’t let him live past thirty!”

  Without thinking, Uncle Jaro said in a loud voice, “Don’t worry, Lord Ying, as long as he is still alive, I will take his life within two years! If he is already dead, I will dig out his bones and present them to you!”

  ”Good!” The British Lord said, “When this is done, Uncle Jaro will be credited with a great feat!”

  After that, the loyal Yongbao who was in New York said, “Lord Ying, I am investigating the clues related to the An family in New York, but the venue where the performance was held that day has been bought by the An family and has now been completely overturned and rebuilt. If we want to know how the An family escaped that day and what happened to those dead soldiers, we probably still have to work on the An family.”

  I even suspect that the An family is probably sheltered by experts who are proficient in aura.

  Immediately, Zarna Bo said, “My subordinate follows orders!”

  When Jordan Bo saw that both Jaro Bo and Zarna Bo had finished reporting, he said respectfully, “Ying Lord, I am currently in Osu City investigating the clues of the disappearance of the Primus Guards, but I have not made any progress yet, so I ask Ying Lord to reprimand me!”

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