Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5432

  ”Good idea!” Wan Bajun clenched his fist with some excitement and said offhandedly, “Thank you Brother Calvin, I’ll arrange for someone to procure it right now.”



  The Northern European capital, Osu City.

  Jordan Bojun, who had already split up with Calivet Bo Grace Lowes, was sitting in a bar in Aosu City, drinking.

  In the past few days, he had investigated all the way from Bergen to find out where the missing primus guards had actually gone, but had not been able to find any clues relating to them.

  In fact, when he was in Bergen, he had thought of two directions.

  Since he was checking the primus line, he could, on the one hand, find out exactly where the primus had gone after their disappearance in Bergen, and on the other hand, find out what special conditions the primus had been in before they came to Bergen in the first place.

  Of these, the former is naturally the best option.

  This was because only by finding the whereabouts of the primus inter pares could we know who had rescued Lin Wan’er.

  The latter, on the other hand, could only hope that there was some unseen problem with the Primus Guard itself, otherwise it would basically be a waste of time to investigate further down this line.

  So, Jordan Bojun took the lead and chose the former, and investigated for days on end in Northern Europe.

  He went all the way to Oslo City, but found no clues.

  When he was depressed, he simply found a bar in Oslo and had a drink.

  However, just as he was feeling a little tipsy, he suddenly received a message on his mobile phone from a virtual number with only six short words: meeting in half an hour.

  He put his phone away helplessly, took out two notes and pressed them under his glass, got up and walked out of the bar.

  Back at the hotel where he was staying, Jordan Bojun washed up and opened a special app on his phone on time.

  After opening the software, he first entered and left his password, then did facial recognition and voice recognition, and after passing all of them, his account was automatically pulled into the online meeting room by the system.

  At this moment, there were five matchbox-sized frames on the phone screen, one of which was in the middle, while the remaining four were distributed on the four corners of the phone screen.

  However, three of the five frames were all black, showing that they had not yet been accessed, and only two of them had been accessed: Jordan Bojun, whose live screen appeared in the top right corner, and an old man with a white beard in the top left corner.

  Upon seeing the white-bearded old man, Jordan Bojun respectfully arched his hand and said with a smile, “Uncle Jaro, I wonder where you are now, old man?”

  ”Yanjing.” Uncle Jaro spat out two words indifferently.

  Jordan Bojun asked busily, “Then has your old man found any clues about Lin Wan’er?”

  ”No.” Uncle Jaro shook his head, still shying away from words.

  Jordan Bojun stretched and said with a yawn, “Aiya …… this girl is really cunning!”

  As he was talking, the bottom left corner showed someone accessing, and the face of a middle-aged and elderly man appeared on the screen at once.

  Jordan Bojun reached out to greet him, “Uncle Zarna, isn’t it a great day in New York?”

  The man known as Uncle Zarna smiled and spoke, “We are out here this time to help the British Lord with his problems, and to me, it is the same anywhere.”

  At this time, the screen in the lower right corner also lit up, and Calivet Grace Lowes appeared in the screen.

  Jordan Bojun saw that she seemed to be sitting alone on an official plane, so he asked, “Where is Uncle Calivet going?”

  Grace Lowes said indifferently, “I’m going to the Far East to take a look, it’s a vast and sparsely populated area that meets the conditions needed for Lin Wan’er to go into hiding.”

  Jordan Bojun was surprised and asked, “To the Far East? Why didn’t you say hello in advance?”

  Grace Lowes casually said, “You and I have chosen different directions, so there’s no point in me saying hello to you.”

  When Jordan Bojun was about to say something else, the middle screen suddenly lit up, and the four people’s expressions all flinched, and then one by one, they all stopped talking immediately.

  The middle screen turned from pitch black to a white light, and no other objects or even silhouettes could be seen.

  Immediately afterwards, a voice processed by a voice changer could be heard asking coldly, “How are you all doing with your investigation?!”

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