Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5430

  The American at the head of the group nodded and said indifferently, “I’ll contact you if I need you, we need to get ready to go.”

  The man said, “OK, we’ll be in touch if you need us, good cooperation!”

  Soon the gantry crane loaded the three containers onto the ship.

  After confirming that they were correct, the three men also waited for the freighter, which then set sail overnight for the Suez Canal.

  The ship was on a route from Turkey to South Africa via the Suez Canal, but no one knew that three of the thousands of containers it was carrying were to be disembarked midway.

  The straight line distance from Antalya to Cyprus is just over two hundred kilometres, and even to the southern coast of Cyprus it is only three or four hundred kilometres.

  By the time the freighter left Turkey and sailed into the vast black sea, it was already dark.

  The crew, disguised by a number of Dragon Palace generals, had already begun to work on the three containers.

  First they opened the containers and searched the inside to avoid any tracking and positioning devices.

  After confirming that there were no errors, they placed their own positioning devices inside the containers, and then began to reinforce the loaded weapons and ammunition. The reinforcement was done by using electric welding machines to weld many clips for fixing inside the containers, and then using thickened lifting straps with a load capacity of tens of tons to firmly fix this weapons and ammunition inside the containers.

  Afterwards, they used waterproofing materials to seal the gaps in the container and then fixed a number of oxygen cylinder-like devices around the bottom of the container.

  By the time the ship was less than a hundred kilometres from Cyprus, it was already late at night and the sea was suddenly stormy, with the wind and waves gradually getting stronger, so that the visibility on the sea was extremely low, and it was impossible to see clearly from a hundred metres away.

  At this time, the generals of the Ten Thousand Dragons Temple were on the deck, preparing for the handover of weapons in an orderly manner.

  Using gps positioning, they immediately dropped the three containers into the vast ocean after arriving at the predetermined coordinates.

  Miraculously, just a few seconds before the containers entered the water, the oxygen tank-like equipment around the containers suddenly burst open, followed by rapid internal expansion and expansion, surprisingly turning into multiple huge airbags, holding the containers steady on the water surface.

  As the three containers entered the water one after another, the cargo ship continued to sail towards the Suez Canal without stopping.

  The three containers floating on the surface of the sea were successfully captured by a light transport vessel that had been waiting nearby.

  The light carrier then sped up and headed for the port where the copper mine was located, and arrived at the dock near the mine before dawn.

  The three containers did not attract anyone’s attention as the person in charge of the mine had already made all the connections, and after they were unloaded, they were immediately transported inside the mine.

  At the same time, Wan Bajun had already brought Calvin with him and was waiting here early.

  Calvin is proficient in communications technology, and also has knowledge of radar and infrared technology. Wan Bajun had infrared night vision equipment and thermal imaging equipment procured, and this time he asked Calvin to work with the weapons experts from Wan Long Hall to link these devices with the close defence guns.

  At the three high points of the copper mine, Wan Bajun has already had three glass houses erected, which are not too conspicuous.

  Once the three guns have locked on to their targets, they will attack them from three directions in a circular motion, thus creating a three-dimensional fire coverage of different ballistics within a few dozen metres of the target.

  If a Count of the Qing Breakers were to come to the door, it would be very difficult to get any dna left after a barrage of these three guns ……

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