Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5428

  ”Yes.” Charlie wade nodded and said very seriously, “The path of martial arts is to enter the path with martial arts, if you want to truly enter the path you must cultivate martial arts to the extreme, the Bright Realm is just the introduction, the Dark Realm is just the first hurdle after the introduction, every little level up after that may take a lifetime to achieve, you can cultivate to an eight star martial artist in fifty years, but give you another fifty years, you You may not be able to break through the Dark Realm, and even if you manage to break through the Dark Realm and live another fifty years, do you think you will be able to cross over from the First Sky of the Dark Realm to the Second or Third Sky of the Dark Realm? Not to mention the later Realm of Transformation and the Realm of Patriarch, every step you take is geometrically magnified in difficulty.”

  Greg Abbott became even more bewildered all of a sudden, and he couldn’t help but mutter, “Does that mean that stepping into the Dark Realm is actually only one-twenty-seventh of the way to enter the Dao with martial arts?”

  Charlie wade nodded and spoke two words in a flat yet cruel manner, “Yes.”

  Greg Abbott, dismayed beyond measure, opened his mouth to ask him, “Master Wade, then what is the path that one enters with martial arts? How many years does one have to walk this path again?”

  Charlie wade laughed and said, “Then you have asked me, I don’t know how many years the path behind me will take.”

  Greg Abbott lamented, “The path of the martial path is really too long, there are countless dead bones along the way, I just don’t know where I will stay with these old bones ……”

  Charlie wade laughed: “You don’t have to feel depressed, Voyager 1 has been flying for nearly 50 years, and it hasn’t even flown out of the solar system yet, when it does, it may still take tens of thousands of years to get to the next galaxy, think of it as yourself, when you break through into the Dark Realm, it will be the same as Voyager 1 flying out of the solar system, when you think about it like that. Doesn’t that make the future feel very vast?”

  ”Vast?” The corners of Greg Abbott’s mouth involuntarily twitched twice: “When you say that, I only feel more desperate, not knowing how far I can go.”

  Charlie wade laughed, “You should stop thinking so much, this is not something you should think about, after all, you are only a four-star martial artist right now, let alone flying out of the solar system, at best, you will just reach the edge of Mars.”

  Hearing this, Greg Abbott’s heart was even more painful as he hurriedly assured, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, I will inform my personal eldest disciple to come to Aurous Hill to inherit the token of the Tai Chen Dao’s Sect Leader, after that, I will serve you with all my heart and soul!”

  Charlie wade smiled and asked him, “If your personal eldest disciple asks about where your ancestral pill censer has gone, what will you say?”

  Greg Abbott laughed awkwardly and said, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, the matter of the Medicine Cauldron is a top secret of the Sect, and will only be handed over together with the Sect’s token when the old Sect Master passes the Sect’s position to the new Sect Master. …… “

  Charlie wade gave him a thumbs up and said with a smile, “You do know how to pass on the throne.”

  Greg Abbott smiled heatedly and cheekily asked Charlie wade, “Master Wade …… does not know if in the future, does my subordinate have the opportunity to cultivate the back of the Taizen Mixed Dao?”

  Charlie wade raised his eyebrows and laughed: “Originally you had a chance, I asked you to hand over your master’s martial arts heart method, just to see how the heart method you cultivate is actually, if it is not good enough, I will give you a better one; if it is not complete enough, I will give you a more complete one, but I did not expect you to retain your selfishness towards me, so now you have ended up in such a situation, you ah, these two days or You should reflect on yourself in the next two days.”

  Greg Abbott was also extremely ashamed and regretful, and said repeatedly, “Don’t worry, Master Wade, if I dare to have any second thoughts about you in my life, I will die without a burial place!”

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