Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5425

When Charlie wade drove out, Greg Abbott, who had been waiting for a long time at the fork in the road, saw the BMW he was driving from a long distance.

  He got up and jogged to the roadside, squeezing a smile onto his face as he waited for Charlie wade to arrive.

  Charlie wade also saw Greg Abbott from afar.

  In fact, Charlie wade had long guessed that he would definitely come and would definitely be waiting for himself here.

  So, when he drove up to his heels, he deliberately slowed down his car, then stopped beside Greg Abbott, opened the window and said with a smile, “Yo, what brings Heavenly Master Greg here? Want to take a dip in a hot spring, huh?”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly said in a low voice, “Master Wade …… subordinate …… subordinate is waiting for you here ah ……”

  ”Waiting for me?” Charlie wade asked with an amused expression, “Why are you waiting for me here if you don’t hurry up and prepare to go back to America?”

  Greg Abbott hurriedly begged, “Master Wade, my subordinate really knows that he is wrong, please subordinate you a chance.”

  With that, he hurriedly took out some sheets of paper filled with words and handed them to Charlie wade, saying respectfully, “Master Wade, this is the Heart Method of our Tai Chen Dao, I have copied it down word by word, please read it!”

  Charlie wade asked curiously, “Grandmaster Greg, why have you suddenly made this decision to go against the ancestral teachings?”

  Greg Abbott said awkwardly, “Master Wade, you should stop making fun of your subordinates ……”

  Charlie wade laughed, “Master Greg, to be honest, how can I let you do wrong to the ancestors? In my opinion, you should hurry up and take back this piece of paper!”

  Greg Abbott gritted his teeth and said firmly, “Master Wade, in the future, I will not be the head of Tai Zhen Dao! I have decided to give up my position as the head of Tai Zhen Dao to my personal disciple, and I will serve you wholeheartedly from now on!”

  Hearing this, Charlie wade couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “The Sect Leader is quitting?”

  ”No more!” Greg Abbott said with certainty, “You are right in your criticism, Mr. Wade, I cannot be a slave of two surnames, so the only way out of the division is to quit.”

  Charlie wade smiled lightly and asked him, “Have you decided?”

  Greg Abbott nodded his head repeatedly, “Decided! I will pass on the title of Sect Master to my closed-door elder disciple today! Please don’t worry, Master Wade, from now on, my subordinates will only listen to your orders alone and will definitely bow and scrape for you!”

  Charlie wade smiled, opened the central lock, and said to Greg Abbott, “Get in and talk.”

  Greg Abbott seemed to grab the straw that saved his life, pulling open the car door and scrambling to get in.

  But when his butt was about to be on the seat cushion, he jumped out of the way like he was electrocuted, and asked Charlie wade with a cautious face, “Master Wade …… are you …… still squared away in this car?”

  Charlie wade looked at his panicked, palpitating look, smiled slightly and spoke, “You just don’t do so many fancy and demonic moths, this car of mine will not square you.”

  Greg Abbott said offhandedly without thinking, “Master Wade don’t worry, my subordinate will never dare to move any more fancy things ……”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and said indifferently, “Then get in the car.”

  Only then did Greg Abbott pull open the car door and get into the car.

  Just as he got into the car, Charlie wade took the piece of paper from his hand, looked at the title on it and said with a frown, “The Taizen Mixed Dao? This is the heart method of your Tai Zhen Dao?”

  ”That’s right!” Greg Abbott said without thinking, “The founding master of the Tai Chen Dao was the one who created the Tai Chen Dao …… precisely because he had obtained this Tai Chen Mixed Yuan Dao by chance.”

  Charlie wade’s heart was appalled, this ‘Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao’ was also recorded in the Nine Mystical Scriptures, and was the longest of the many heart techniques recorded within the Nine Mystical Scriptures.

  There are three volumes and twenty-seven chapters in the entire Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao, totalling nearly fifty thousand words, but what Greg Abbott has written on the paper is only about a thousand words, so it should only be the first chapter of the first volume.

  The first chapter in the “Tai Zhen Mixed Yuan Dao” was a complete initiation method, which mainly taught one how to cultivate the martial arts from the beginning, how to sense one’s dantian and meridians, how to transform true qi through exhalation and gradually break through one’s meridians.

  At the beginning, although Charlie wade had also taken out the Four Elephants Fist, an internal martial art, to Aurora, that kind of fist could only improve a martial artist’s combat power and was a combat method, not a heart method that could improve cultivation.

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