Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5423

“You won’t let him in?”

  Hearing Charlie wade’s words, Don Albert asked with a surprised expression, “Master wade, weren’t you going to bring that instructor over to familiarize himself with the environment? Why don’t you let him in again? I really can’t quite figure out ……”

  Charlie wade grunted and casually said, “He’s a little bit uninformed, to this kind of uninformed person, definitely need to knock knock, otherwise there’s no telling how he’ll fall off the chain in the future.”

  Don Albert instantly understood in a second and said with a smile, “I understand Master wade! In that case, let’s ignore him for now, I’ll show you around first, and by the way, I’ll tell you about some of my adjustment ideas, if you have any needs feel free to mention them to me, I’ll do my best to make them happen.”

  Charlie wade nodded his head and said to Don Albert, “Let’s go!”


  The taxi that Greg Abbott was riding in had already driven to the fork in the road that was manned by Don Albert’s minions.

  The taxi driver slowed down, pointed to the sign in the middle of the road and said to Greg Abbott on the passenger side, “Daoist Master, you won’t be able to pass this way, you’ll have to get down and walk over if you want to go to the Champs-Elysees Hot Spring.”

  Greg Abbott nodded resentfully and said, “Stop right here, I’ll get off here.”

  The taxi driver stopped the car and Greg Abbott paid, pushed the door and walked down from the car.

  At this time, Don Albert’s little brother greeted him and asked, “Master, where are you going?”

  Greg Abbott’s eyes were still red and swollen, and he said in a disheveled and incomparable manner, “I …… came to see Master Charlie wade ……”

  As soon as that little brother heard this, he knew that this person should be the old man named greg that Charlie wade had mentioned.

  However, to be on the safe side, he still asked, “What is your surname?”

  Greg Abbott arched his hand, “Free of your surname, Greg.”

  The little brother hemmed and hawed, “Sorry, Mr. Greg, this place is being renovated and upgraded, so it is not allowed to enter for the time being.”

  ”Not allowed to enter?” Greg Abbott hurriedly said, “Please tell Mr. Wade that Greg Abbott wants to see you!”

  The little brother shook his head, “Not to mention that I don’t have Master wade’s contact information, even if I did I wouldn’t tell him.”

  Greg Abbott was puzzled and asked, “Why? Did Mr. Wade say he wouldn’t let me in?”

  The little brother hemmed and hawed, “Then you can figure it out yourself.”

  Seeing that little brother’s smile as if he was watching a good show, Greg Abbott immediately knew that this must be what Charlie wade had explained.

  At this moment, although he was so depressed in his heart that he wanted to die, he knew in his heart that if Charlie wade didn’t let him enter, he just couldn’t go in. Even if this kid in front of him didn’t have any cultivation at all, with his current strength of a four-star martial artist, it would be more than enough to deal with him, but he still couldn’t go in.

  So, he could only let out a long sigh and said in a dejected manner, “Then I’ll wait for him here ……”

  The little brother shrugged his shoulders, “Whatever you want then.”

  Greg Abbott had no choice, so he walked to the roadside alone in silence, found a tree under the shade, crossed his legs and began to meditate.

  It was not that he really wanted to cultivate or be at peace, on the contrary, he was on the verge of exploding, after all, when he thought back on today’s encounter, the more he thought about it, the more depressed and stifled he became.

  But this had little effect either, as his heart still hurt like a knife.

  At that moment, his mobile phone suddenly rang. Although he was distracted, he took it out and looked at it.

  It was because the caller was no other than Charlie wade’s grandmother.

  When Greg Abbott looked at the name of the caller, tears came out of his eyes uncontrollably.

  But he still resisted the urge to cry out and pressed the answer button, his voice a little hoarse as he said, “Old Mrs. An ……”

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