Awesome Son-in-law Chapter 5417

When Greg Abbott heard this, he was slightly stunned, then he smiled sarcastically and said, “Master Wade, you are too good at joking, although my strength is inferior to yours, but at least thanks to your blessing, I have broken through to the Ming Realm Great Perfection ……”

  Charlie wade pretended to be surprised and asked, “Oh? Is that so? How come I didn’t see that you were at the Ming Realm Great Perfection?”

  Greg Abbott compensated with a smile, “You are really a noble man who forgets things …… You personally gave your subordinate a pill, you wouldn’t have forgotten, would you?”

  Charlie wade nodded: “I remember giving you the pill, but when did you become a Ming Realm Great Perfection?”

  Greg Abbott did not know what Charlie wade meant, his heart was a bit hairy, but his mouth could only say, “Master Wade …… are you …… angry with me …… In fact, if you don’t want me to go back to the United States, I am also willing to be by your side ……”

  Charlie wade said in a serious manner, “No, no, no, Master Greg misunderstood, I am not angry with you, nor do I need you to stay by my side to saddle up, what I mean is that you really only have the cultivation of a five-star martial artist, there are still three of your eight meridians that have not been opened, don’t you have any idea in your own mind?”

  ”Ah? How could that be ……” Greg Abbott subconsciously said, then subconsciously his eyes slightly closed and mobilized his body’s true qi, only to discover to his horror that three of his eight originally opened meridians had been blocked for no reason!

  If one’s meridians were blocked, one’s strength would definitely regress significantly, and if three of the eight meridians were blocked, one’s strength would almost be halved!

  His first reaction, apart from panic, was that he thought it was impossible!

  All eight of his meridians had been opened one by one in the past few decades.

  Since ancient times, when practicing martial arts, we have only heard of meridians becoming more and more open and smooth, but we have never heard of meridians that have clearly been opened being sealed up again ……

  Suddenly, he aimed his gaze at the smiling Charlie wade at the side and murmured in a terrified tone: “Wade …… Master Wade …… subordinate those three meridians, were they sealed by you? …… You just tapped your subordinate’s shoulder, you should have taken advantage of that time to strike ……”

  Charlie wade laughed, and then said with a serious face, “I didn’t ah, you have to show evidence before you talk nonsense, don’t spout blood!”

  Greg Abbott looked at Charlie wade’s undisguised and pro-active expression, and knew that this matter must be his doing.

  But at this moment, he couldn’t care less about his anger and rage, he was only thinking in his heart with immense fear: “What level of expert is this …… Master Wade? Why was he able to seal three of my meridians in a matter of moments? I know that it took me at least ten to twenty years to open up all three meridians, but Charlie wade sealed them all up in less than a second …… this …… is too terrifying!”

  Thinking of this, he cried and begged, “Master Wade, it’s not easy for me to cultivate step by step to this day, I beg you to have a higher hand, don’t tease me …… this is my nearly 20 years of hard work …… “

  Charlie wade said with a serious face: “Greg Tian Shi, how can you be like this? I already told you that I didn’t do it, you don’t believe me do you?”

  Greg Abbott choked back a sob with red eyes, “Master Wade …… if it wasn’t you who did it who else could have done it? I have trained in martial arts for decades, but I have never heard of a regression of existing cultivation or the closing of opened meridians …… You must have complained that I was unwilling to hand over my master’s teachings just now, that’s why you teased me so much …… “

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